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Strapped, Olympics and...wait for it... A DISCOUNT just for YOU!

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Through the relationship of Business 2 Blogger I have been put in contact with a wonderfully talented Artist John Frechette who is the owner/creator of Strapped Belts. Strapped Belts is a fused glass jewelry business based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Today through email I had the wonderful opportunity to interview him (see below).

Now John aka Strapped Belts had a terrific opportunity last week as three US Olympic Skiers were training in Jackson after returning from the opening ceremonies in Vancouver. Strapped reached out to the athletes, and offered to get them all blinged out in Strapped gear for the Olympics. The three athletes are Hailey Duke, Sarah Schleper (Sarah is in her 4th Olympics), and Megan McJames. The girls went to the studio, got lots of great stuff and did a photo shoot at The Snow King Resort in Jackson Hole.

Photo by:

In this photo Haily Duke is wearing the Wyoming Flag Belt Buckle, the Colbalt Blue Glass Ring, and the Colbalt Blue Rectangle Earrings. Now are these pieces beautiful!


TMM: What other crafts have you done?

JF: I am a painter too. I like to work with positive and negative spaces to create images that pop with the simplest designs.

TMM: What made you decide to take that first class?

JF: The woman who was teaching the class produced some amazing art, and I was amazing that she was teaching at the Art Association of Jackson Hole so I couldn't let it pass by!

TMM: What is it about the glass that truly hooked you?

JF: Its rough and hard when you start. I get cuts all the time. After working with the glass I can produce something that is smooth and rounded, that shines like a jewel. The material changes so much it is fun to see the before and after.

TMM: Will you expand your line in the future?

JF: The line is always growing. It started with just I have cuff links, rings, earring, plates etc. People keeping pushing me with new ideas and thoughts!

TMM: How long does it take to make a piece? From conception of the piece to finished product?

JF: The pieces take a long time - they are in the kiln alone for 15 hours at 1500 degrees! It takes about 3 days for me to make a batch.

TMM: What inspires you to make a piece?

JF: I really like color and design. I read a lot of design magazines and blogs for inspiration. Other designs are just fun and make me laugh!

TMM: What is your favorite Olympic sport and do you craft while watching them?

JF: My favorite is probably Hockey, I have played since I was 3 so it has kind of an unfair advantage, but the Olympics are on constantly in my studio!

TMM: What was the most unexpected event during the photo shoot?

JF: Sarah Schleper, who is a four time Olympian!!!!, grabbed the photographer and made her take pictures of a giant snow angel!


These 3 wonderful women not only work and train hard to get to the Olympics but as you can see above they know how to have some fun! If you'd like to get to know them better you can find them here:

Megan McJames ~ You can find her on Facebook and learn all about her on the US Ski Team site or on her own personal blog!

Hailey Duke ~ You can find her on Facebook and learn all about her on the US Ski Team site or on her own personal blog!

Sarah Schleper ~ You can find her on the US Ski Team site or on her own personal blog!

Now for the part of this post that you have been waiting for!

Head on over and take a look at the Strapped website, I know you'll like what you see. John has been gracious enough to extend a 25% discount for the readers of The Misplaced Midwesterner. Upon checkout use the coupon code "OLYMPICS" for the discount.

Please Note:
This post was made possible by the wonderful connections at Business2Blogger. I was given the discount code for my readers to use from Strapped Belts and in addition to offering this discount code, I will be given a $25 coupon to use for Strapped Merchandise in exchange for this post. Any opinions stated above are solely mine and were not influenced by any outside source. To read my full disclosure policy please see the left sidebar or click here.


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