Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Catching Up...Again

I can't believe that I have fallen so far behind in updating my blog. This fall has been so busy and I've gotten into the habit of saying "yes" way to often again. I need to re-learn how to say "no". It's a hard thing for me to do.
My parents were here over Thanksgiving and we had a wonderful time with them. We made a trip to Waco, TX, to visit the Dr. Pepper Museum. I've got tons of pictures that I still need to go through and I'll get them up soon. We also spent Saturday out at the IKEA store. WOW! What an experience!

Sam (and I) ran in the Arlington Winter Run 1K and Sam placed 3rd overall! I'm so proud of him. He's turning into a sprinter instead of a long distance runner. Here is a picture of him right before the race started. It was soooo cold that morning. The feels like temperature was 17 degrees! We both were wearing so many layers that morning just trying to stay warm.

Here is a picture that Sam took of the both of us after the race. He's getting to be a pretty good photographer too.

This past Sunday was a busy day for us up at our church. It was our Christmas Production. The choir, orchestra, bells and soloists all put on an amazing show and shared our love of God through our music, videos and word. Here is a shot of Andy and I with a couple of our good friends. If you look close you'll see someone else popping in on the picture. That would be our choir director sneaking up on all of us. We had no idea that he was there until we looked at the picture afterwards. It ended up being the best picture taken that night of the four of us. Oh well.

Our AV Team is amazing us all! Here is a quick shot of the sanctuary before the second performance. I wish I had gotten it when the lights were off but my camera battery died before then. I think that this will give you an idea though.


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