Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Second Cross Stitch Finish of 2007

I finished "Spooky Patch" this evening. It was a fun one to do. This is my second finish of 2007 as far as cross stitching is concerned. I'll probably start a new one tomorrow but I just haven't decided which one to do. For all of you that have emailed me about the finger knitting I am going to take pictures to detail the steps. I found several online instructions but none of them really were helpful. When I learned to do it I had actually watched Vickie Howell demonstrate it on Knitty Gritty. Well here is the finished picture for all of you to view!

Spooky Patch Update

Well here is the most current update for "Spooky Patch". I didn't get it finished like I had hoped I would. Maybe this evening. All I have left to do is to stitch the black and white along with adding the charm. We'll see how it goes. The next scan I do will be the finished project. Then it will be on to another one! :)

Haircut Time!

It was definately time for Sam to get a haircut. Actually it was past due. So out came the trimmer. Sam wanted before and after shots so out came the camera. Here are two pictures of before and after:

Now do realized that the before picture was taken after we combed his hair. When it wasn't combed it didn't look that "big". But you could see that it was getting really long. I put all the photos that we took that evening into a slide show for you to watch if you want. Hope that you enjoy them. I know that he enjoyed having them taken. He's such the camera hog! :)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Poor Dog!

Okay...for those of you that know me know that I do not dress up my animals and I really don't like seeing it on other pets. Now if you live in a very cold climate and your animals do not have coats to help protect against the cold then I guess I can see why you would need to put something on them. But I personally think that this is going a bit to far! This poor dog. You can just see it in his face..."Help me!" This is actually a pattern on Lion Brand.

Spooky Patch

I've been stitching on "Spooky Patch" by Lizzie Kate this weekend. I received it from my mother-in-law during a Halloween Exchange. She was my "secret" person for this particular exchange on the cross stitch group that I run. We do quite a few exchanges through out the year and it is always a lot of fun. I will probably end up finishing this one by tomorrow. Then it will be off to another project which is yet to be determined.

Here is a progress picture:

Friday, January 26, 2007

Finger Knitting

Above are pictures of the scarf I made last night. I did it by finger knitting. It only took me 1 to 1 1/2 hours to finish it. I tried to take one of the pictures by looking into a mirror. Most of them didn't really come out right. So I'm stuck with the one where it cuts off my face. Oh well, it's really the scarf I wanted to take a picture of anyway. Remember to click on the pictures so you can see a bigger view of them. I'm going to start a cross stitch project this afternoon as I wait for Sam to get home from school. I'll post progress pictures on that a little bit later.

Oh, don't forget to vote in my poll about the Super Bowl if you haven't already done so!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Red Scarf

Here is a picture of the scarf that I finished.
Below are two more pictures of it. One with the flash and one without the flash. Don't know which one looks better. It does look much better in person. Just a reminder that you can always click on the pictures to get a bigger view.

It's Finished!

The scarf for the Red Scarf Project is now finished! I've also purchased a McDonald's gift card and I'm going to raid Sam's candy stash to put in the box with the scarf and a special note from me. I thought long about who might receive this scarf. I don't know if it will be a boy or a girl. Or I guess I should say young man or woman. How hard did they have it? How are they doing in college? Do they have a lot of support or just a little? I thought a lot about Sam too. What would it have been like for him had his circumstances been different. This is a project that I will continue to do as long as they have it. I hope that maybe you will too. I'll post a picture later this evening as I need to get back to fixing dinner.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Little This and That

Well I haven't posted much in the past few days as not much has been happening here. I have however been working on my red scarf for the Red Scarf Project as it needs to go into the mail this week. I thought I was done at one point but after asking Andy if it would be long enough if a male were to receive this and he said no. So I had to purchase some more yarn. Now I am knitting away. I'll take a picture of it later this evening.

On Sunday I did watch The Saints vs The Bears game and I think that everyone here was a little disappointed that The Saints didn't win this one. Oh well. I think that the picture below says it all. I also enjoyed watching the close game of The Colts vs The Patriots. Great game. I'm looking forward to watching the Super Bowl which will be on Feb 4th this year. I am wondering which will be better this year...the actual game or the commercials. Guess we'll have to tune in to see. For those of you that watch the Super Bowl, do you watch it for the game or the commercials?
Saints quarterback Drew Brees hangs his head between plays Sunday in Chicago. (Greg Pearson/The Times)

Saturday, January 20, 2007


As of Thursday afternoon my parents power was restored!!! There are still plenty of people in Springfield, MO, that do not have power yet. In fact here is a snip-it of an article in today's News Leader:

"Restoring power to all may take another week
Strong winds and snow will add "insult to agony," says meteorologist.

John Taylor

It will be about a week before power is restored to all of the remaining 15,000 customers without it, City Utilities estimated Friday, and snow and strong winds forecast for today could hinder those efforts.
The National Weather Service issued a winter storm watch for the Missouri Ozarks for this afternoon through late evening. The storm approaches a week after Springfield experienced the worst ice storm in decades......
......Davis said the snow will "add insult to agony" but will likely affect driving conditions more than power lines.
City Utilities General Manager John Twitty said the most disturbing aspect of today's forecast was possible heavy wind.
The weather service said southeast winds could gust up to 30 miles per hour tonight. Winds that strong have the potential to break lines, Twitty said.
After today's storm, patches of light freezing drizzle should fall from Sunday night through Tuesday. There may be minor ice accumulations, the weather service said....."

It has been nice to hear that there have been people from Louisiana go up to Springfield to help with the clean up. I talked to my sister yesterday on the phone and she said that she heard a report of the people from Louisiana stating that Springfield looked like a catagory 4 hurricane had hit the area. Here is an aerial shot of Springfield to give you an idea.
both taken by Amber Arnold/News Leader

Here are some other pictures that were taken yesterday:
by Sony Hocklander/News Leader
by Dean Curtis/News Leader

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Back to school

It's back to school today for Sam. Sam was all set for spending another day home from school because it was cold out. I told him that being sent home early from school yesterday was just a precaution and that it was just fine to go back to school today as the temperatures were to be a bit warmer and no precipitation. As you can see from the pictures below we did not get much precipitation yesterday. The first picture is of sleet on a screen that Sam had been playing with in the backyard. The second picture is of the sleet on the trampoline. In fact most of it had turned to rain by the time Sam was sent home early from school. Oh well, such is life living in the south.

News from Springfield, MO: My parents as of last night when I talked to them are still without power. They are somewhat lucky because they do have gas to their house which powers their fireplace, stove top, and water heater. But it is still hard. According to the Springfield News Leader, story by Amos Bridges, "....Anticipated snowfall of 2-5 inches Saturday and Sunday could cause further outages and hamper recovery efforts if there is not significant melting today and Friday, CU General Manager John Twitty said Wednesday..." also "...A report by the State Emergency Management Agency on Wednesday said officials in some areas of Missouri are warning that power outages could continue for another seven to 10 days for some residents...".

Now for a break from your regularly scheduled programming:

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Noel Update

I just wanted to take a minute of your time to give you the link for the Noel update. It's nice to hear such a heartwarming story in these days of such depressing news. Hopefully some of the pictures in the story will make you smile today. I know they made me smile and my heart feel happy.

Southern Living...Again

I can definitely tell I'm in the south again. It is sleeting outside now and there is more to come today so they have closed the schools early. Sam's school will close at 11:30 this morning. After living up north I know that his would have been nothing and they are probably laughing at us for closing the schools early. But, again, after living in the south before I do understand their decision. They don't have any equipment to deal with bad winter weather. Even if it is just a trace amount. Better safe than sorry I guess. In fact Andy told be over the phone that he already has ice accumulating on his car as he drives.

I guess it's time to start that fire again. Sam just loves having the fire when it is cold out and I don't blame him. Here is a picture of our fireplace just the other evening with a roaring fire.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Day 4 of the aftermath is done for those living without power in Springfield, MO, but it's far from being over. This storm started last Friday and my parents are still without power along with thousands more. Here is a quote from Govenor Matt Blunt:

"....Blunt said he asked the federal government for an expedited disaster declaration for 34 counties including Greene, Christian, St. Louis and St. Charles.
The governor said he believes Springfield is the hardest hit city in the state.
"The damage is worse here," he said...." in an article posted on the News-Leader's website.

I believe it after looking at all the photos that are posted on the site and hearing from my parents, sister and friends that live there. Schools will be out for the rest of the week, day cares are closed, and lots of businesses are closed too. This leaves a lot of people that are now without a paycheck for this week. Not that the burden was already bad enough!

Now there are people that are not dying because of the cold but now they are dying because they are just trying to stay warm. They are dying due to fumes from their generators and portable heaters. This is just so sad.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Thick ice coats blades of tall grass along Highway 125 near Fair Grove. taken by: Christina Dicken/News-Leader

I'm following this story so closely because this is where my family lives. I am very lucky where I am living now as we are not getting anything like they are there in Springfield, MO. There are highways here where I live that they closed this afternoon because of the freezing rain that we are having. You can open the door to our house and hear it hit the ground. But it can't be anything like what they heard in Springfield. They accumulated 3" of ice! My parents are still without power along with quite a few of our good friends. My sister still has power. I just can't imagine what they are all going through. I still have heat, a roof over my head and a car with no trees lying across it. I am very thankful.


Well as I start to write this to tell you that we may be out of the woods it starts again. The rain has not stopped for days, we are in several flood warnings, there are standing pools of water in every one's yards, we were completely saturated before this past rain started a couple of days ago and now the temperatures are starting to plummet.

I think that we are going to miss the worse of it. Which I am thankful for. But I'm not holding my breath. Every time we check the weather parts of it change. We are currently sitting at a temperature of 35 degrees F and a feels like of 25 degrees F. I'm used to this colder weather but since we moved south I'm more concerned about being down here with people and a place that does not know how to cope with weather like this.

I'm still planning on trying to teach Sam to knit today. We'll see how that goes. I'll post any progress here. :)

We'll start a fire soon here as it warms this house better than anything and I just love them anyway. To me there is nothing better than it being cold outside, a roaring fire and loved ones to spend the day with.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Every time we check our weather down here it seems to change! Right now here is the current warning:





Today we went out and made sure that we had firewood and batteries. We went grocery shopping yesterday so we're okay there. After watching what it did to Springfield, MO, and the rest of MO, I just want to be prepared in case it turns worse. This is a very, very slow moving front so who knows what it will end up doing. The scary thing is that when we were out this afternoon anyone we talked to didn't even know about this storm!

My parents in Springfield are still without power along with a good friend of mine, my sister still has power as of now. My sister-in-law in the St. Louis area does not have any power and is now in a hotel. Keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.

Men Knitting

After watching this video with me Sam has delcared that he wants to learn how to knit. So I told him that I would try to teach him tomorrow. He doesn't have school tomorrow due to the Martin Luther King holiday. Enjoy the video:

Also, while watching a "Knitty Gritty" show she pointed out that knittng guilds were first started by men! I had no idea. Here is some more information about men and knitting.

Bribery Pictures

Here are the two shawls that I made for my nieces being modeled by Sam. These can be used as bribery pictures for later on in his life! hehehe

I've been in a knitting mode lately and haven't picked up my needle for a cross stitch project yet. I will probably start something soon though. Here is a picture of the Red Scarf that I have started.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ice Storm

Here are some pictures of the ice storm in Springfield MO. As many of you know this is where I just moved from. My parents are without power along with a good friend of mine. My sister is still okay as of now. Here is a video for you to watch. Please keep this city and surrounding areas in your prayers and thoughts as they go through such a rough time.

Friday, January 12, 2007

They're Done!

Shawls are Complete!
They are finally finished and will be put into the mail tomorrow!! YEAH!
This is the second shawl that I worked on. The second picture is just a shot of it up close.

This is actually the first one that I did. Again the second picture is just showing it up close.

These are the first pieces that I have knitted other than scarves. So I'm a little proud that I got them done in the first place much less that I ventured out and did them at all!

I have now started a red scarf for the Red Scarf Project. I'm just doing it in a rib stitch so it is actually going pretty fast.

Walking Update
I got my walking in this morning and I walked 2.5 miles without a problem! I'm not hurting much at all anymore!!! YEAH! I'll keep it at the 2.5 for awhile and then I'll up it again. I will probably have to ride the exercise bike or use the treadmill for the next few days as the weather may not allow me to get out.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I Made Myself Get Out And Walk

I finally got out this afternoon with Sam and took my walk. I started off telling him that we were only going to do a short walk but we ended up doing the full 1 1/2 miles. I tossed around the idea in my head about going ahead and doing the 2 1/2 miles today but decided against it since my headache still hadn't subsided. The weather is going to be turning colder again and also rain is predicted so I may have to do my walking inside for the next few days. Not as exciting but it will do. I don't really have an excuse not to do it.

I'm going to be putting on the fringe tonight on the two shawls for my nieces. I'll take a picture later. Hopefully tomorrow morning I'll get Sam to model them. hehehe Pictures to show future girlfriends. :)


Well here it is just a little bit after 12:00 p.m. and I haven't done much of anything today. I woke up this morning with a killer headache that is just refusing to let go. I have worked on the computer though cleaning up some old files and getting them off of there so that we can have some room on this thing. I'm hoping to finish up the laundry today. Roughly 2 more loads to go and then I can start putting it all away. Then it's off to the boxes in our bedrooms.

Walking did not take place this morning as I just did not feel like it. Maybe it would have helped my headache but I just didn't want to chance it turning into a migraine. If it subsides by this afternoon I will take a walk then. Sam asked this morning if we could take a walk after school and maybe make it a longer one. I've mapped out a 2.5 mile walk and if I feel up to it we can do that.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Finally Finished

I did it! As of 9:55pm I have finished my 'Halloween Hat'! I've ironed it but it looks like I need to touch it up just a bit where the main fold in the fabric was.

Now I just need to find some Halloween fabric. I know, it's January, so where does one find Halloween fabric? I still have a some money on a gift card to JoAnn's...hmmmm....maybe this would count as a good reason to run over there and check out their clearance bins of fabric. Maybe just maybe I'll get lucky. If not then I'll just have to wait until next year to finish off my project.

You're probably wondering how I would like to finish this one off aren't you....well I want to make it into a small pillow to display on my bookshelves with some other Halloweenie (is that really a word?) type decorations.

I think it turned out really good. I just wish you all could see the sparkle that it gives off. Maybe instead of scanning it I could try to take a picture of it in some decent light.


Well I've at least taken the 'Halloween Hat' out of the scanner and have moved it and the supplies for finishing it to the couch. That's a start! :) I'll finish it tonight after dinner more than likely.

I did go walking this morning and ended up doing my 1 1/2 miles. Yeah for me! Now I can't even begin to tell you how much I hurt. Naming body parts wouldn't even cover it! So what happens next you say? Sam comes home from school today and the first words out his mouth were, "Hey Mom, can we go on a walk again today? I really want to ride my bike." I, reluctantly, said yes. But I told him that we were going to cut it way shorter than yesterday. Of course he was upset about that fact but be as it may my body could not make another long walk. We ended up doing 1/2 a mile.

After knitting on the second shawl today I think I am ready now to add the fringe! Let the trumpets sound!!! I will take a picture of them before I put them in the mail. I'll try to get Sam to pose with them on. He'll just love that! NOT!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Stitch Time

I've decided that tomorrow I'm going to finish my 'Halloween Hat'! I really don't have much more to do and it is something that I really wanted to finish this week.

I haven't unpacked much of my stitching yet since the move but by golly I want to stitch something!

I'll post a picture tomorrow.

There that should be incentive enough...I've put it down in writing.

I'm Gonna Pay For Doing That!

Well I walked my 1 1/2 miles this morning and was feeling wonderful! I did laundry, cleaned up part of the kitchen, took care of the cats and dog, ran some errands and I even fixed 4 door knobs that were very loose. In fact I felt so good that after Sam was home and finished his homework I agreed to go on a walk with him while he rode his bike. WRONG DECISION!!!! After doing another 1 1/2 miles this afternoon I am really feeling the pain! Tomorrows walk may be hard to do and I may not do the whole 1 1/2 miles. I'll just have to see how I feel. I've been stretching all evening to try and stay loose and not tighten up before bed.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Progress Picture

Well I have finally scanned in my 'Halloween Hat'. It's still not finished but at least it is really close! I'm still working on the shawls. All I have left to do on them is the fringe. Hopefully I'll get that finished either tonight or tomorrow! YEAH!

Here is the picture of the 'Halloween Hat' in progress:

100 Miles by April 1st

Shortly after we moved here I started walking. It was only 1.5 miles a day but at least I was doing it. Then the holidays were here and Sam was sick so I pretty much stopped. Until today that is! I took our dog, Leo, along with Sam on his bike and started my walk. I will continue this walking pretty much every day. What about when the weather is bad??? Well I have exercise equipment in our back building that is just sitting there. So, I guess I'll just have to put it to good use.

After reading a few other blogs, including my sister-in-laws, I have decided to do the '100 Miles by April 1st'. I'll put a ticker on here so that I can watch my progress. I have 82 days left after today and only 98.5 miles to go!

Our dog really does need the exercise too so I am thinking on taking him with me on some of the days. I might even go twice a day if Sam wants to get in some bike riding after school, of course that would be after the homework is done.
Wish me luck and get out there and walk!

I Have A Parasite!

While my parents were here I learned from them that I have Mistletoe! I had no idea that it grew here or that I had it. This is a picture (curtiousy of Wikipedia) that I found because my camera battery is dead. I'll try to get a picture of mine sometime.

Sunday, January 7, 2007


While reading Vickie Howell's blog tonight I was brought to tears about a story of a wonderful little dog. Please read the story here but be warned that you will probably need some tissues. For those of you that knit please read Vickie's blog on how to help out this little dog.
Very Small Resolutions (mainly for this week)
School starts back up on Tuesday and I'm so excited! I don't think Sam is as near as excited as I am. This week I plan on taking down all the Christmas decorations and work on unpacking the rest of the house. I really need to concentrate on the Master Bedroom and Bathroom along with Sam's bedroom and bathroom. Then there is the laundry that is begging to be done. But I'll feel better if I get all the boxes of clothes put away first so I know where all the laundry needs to go. Silly I know but it will work for me.

I also need to desperately finish my nieces shawls. I only need to knit roughly 8 more inches and then I'll be able to finish it off and add the fringe to it and then pack it up and send it to them. It will be a late Christmas present but they will love them. I'll post pictures of them as soon as I get done with them.

I would also like to start cross stitching again. I really want to finish my Halloween Hat which I had started right before we found out we were moving. We moved right after Halloween so I never got to finish it. I'll post a picture of it soon.

What is it with 3A.M. and my son??? Lately he keeps waking up around 3A.M. and waking us up. It is usually for a dream he has had or for a drink. I've got to stop it from happening! I'm having trouble going back to sleep and that doesn't make for a happy mama the next day.

I received the new Herrschners catalog yesterday and I just loved the patterns on the front! Here they are: New York Sophisticate & Paris Couture There is more but it would take up too much for me to put here. hehehehehe

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Visit From My Parents

Well the holidays are finally over for me. My parents had a wonderful visit and we hated to see them go. They had a rough start to their trip though. After travelling roughly 1 1/2 hours they realized that they had forgotten the Christmas gifts. So they turned around went back to their house, picked up the gifts and then started off again. They arrived very late that evening and were very tired.

The following day started off in the morning where we exchanged Christmas presents and had some wonderful muffins (see below for recipe) and coffee. Next we set off to show them around the neighborhood and to the Louisiana Boardwalk to do some shopping and have lunch. I am planning on going back because there were some wonderful sales going on and after talking to the sales people they told me that by next week they will be marking the items down further! Yeah for me! We ended our time at the Boardwalk with a ride on the Merry-Go-Round and a trip to The Chocolate Crocodile . Dad also purchased us a delicious apple from there for us to have for our dessert after dinner that evening. Then we went across the river to do some shopping for my nieces birthday. After we were done with all the shopping and showing them around town we went back home for dinner. I finally got to have my Christmas Dinner. A little late but by golly I was going to have it! I have a wonderful formal dinning room that I have been wanting to use and I finally did. I had made a Roast Sticky Chicken from a recipe (again see below for recipe) that my sister had given to me and we all just couldn't get enough!

For their second full day with us we took them to Sci-Port . The place is just wonderful and we all had some fun exploring. When we were done there we went back across the river to do some more shopping and to have dinner at a Chinese Buffet. Afterwards it was back to our house and Sam and my dad put together his new toy. It is from Rokenbok and is so cool! Sam will have fun with this for years to come. We said our goodbyes that evening as Mom and Dad wanted to get an early start so that they could get one more birthday present for my niece. They have arrived home safely and we are looking forward to another visit from them.

Now I need to start packing back up all the Christmas decorations and take down our tree. Then it will be back to the regular unpacking of all the boxes I have yet to touch. Sam finally will go back to school on Tuesday. Such a long break and I think we are all ready for him to go back.


Cape Cod Berry Muffins
3/4 cups flour
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
6 tablespoons of sugar
1 egg
3/4 cup milk
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup dried cranberries and 1/2 cup dried blueberries, mixed with 2 tablespoons of sugar

In a large bowl combine flour, baking powder, salt, and 6 tablespoons of sugar. In a small bowl beat the egg, milk and oil together. Stir into dry ingredients just until moistened. Stir in dried berries. Fill greased, low, flat muffin cups 3/4 full. Sprinkle with coarse sugar. Bake at 400 degrees for 13 minutes or until they test done. Watch that they don't burn! Cool for 10 minutes then remove from pan to a wire rack. USE DRIED BERRIES ONLY.
My Note: I did not mix the berries with 2 tablespoons of sugar or sprinkle them with coarse sugar and they came out just fine.

Roast Sticky Chicken
4 tsp Salt
2 tsp Paprika
1 tsp Cayenne Pepper
1 tsp Onion Powder
1 tsp Thyme
1 tsp White Pepper
1/2 tsp Garlic Powder
1/2 tsp Black Pepper
1 Large Roasting Chicken
1 cup Chopped Onion

Combine all spices in a bowl. Clean and pat dry chicken. Rub spice mixture inside and out of the chicken including between the skin. Place in a Ziploc bag and refrigerate overnight. Next day stuff with onion. Cook uncovered for 5 hours at 250 degrees. Once the pan juices appear start basting the chicken every 1/2 hour.
My Note: I did not use any white pepper. Instead I used 1 1/2 tsp of black pepper. Also I used 1 tsp of Ground Red Pepper instead of the 1 tsp of Cayenne Pepper. I also did not use the chopped onion. Either way it comes out as the tastiest chicken!

I have posted some slide shows below that show some things that we did.

Putting together and playing with our new toy, Rokenbok.

Our trip to SciPort!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

On January 1st, there was a full moon that was beautiful! I just had to capture the moment.
My parents just left this evening and will be driving back to MO, in the morning. I'll post tomorrow more on their visit here along with more pictures. We had a fun time and really wished it could have lasted longer.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! May 2007 bring you joy and happiness.

Last night hubby and I actually stayed up past midnight! That's a first for us as we normally don't make it. We ended up watching PBS and found a wonderful program on. It was “Garrison Keillor's New Year's Eve Special.” The humorist hosts a program featuring Emmylou Harris, Rhonda Vincent and the Rage, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver, fiddler Stuart Duncan, guitarist Buddy Emmons. Also: “Prairie Home Companion” regulars Fred Newman and Rich Dworsky. Live from Nashville's Ryman Auditorium. Since having lived in Nashville for some time and also going to a concert at the Ryman it was really nice to watch this wonderful program on New Year's Eve.
Update: Sam is feeling much better now and is wanting to ride his new bike. We will do that a little later this afternoon as I am busy with laundry, cleaning the house and trying to finish knitting a shawl for one of my nieces. I'll try to post a picture of them when I get them finished.

My parents will be here tomorrow afternoon/evening and we are all looking forward to it. Sam has quite a few plans for them while they are here. We'll see if we get to all of them.


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