Thursday, January 18, 2007

Back to school

It's back to school today for Sam. Sam was all set for spending another day home from school because it was cold out. I told him that being sent home early from school yesterday was just a precaution and that it was just fine to go back to school today as the temperatures were to be a bit warmer and no precipitation. As you can see from the pictures below we did not get much precipitation yesterday. The first picture is of sleet on a screen that Sam had been playing with in the backyard. The second picture is of the sleet on the trampoline. In fact most of it had turned to rain by the time Sam was sent home early from school. Oh well, such is life living in the south.

News from Springfield, MO: My parents as of last night when I talked to them are still without power. They are somewhat lucky because they do have gas to their house which powers their fireplace, stove top, and water heater. But it is still hard. According to the Springfield News Leader, story by Amos Bridges, "....Anticipated snowfall of 2-5 inches Saturday and Sunday could cause further outages and hamper recovery efforts if there is not significant melting today and Friday, CU General Manager John Twitty said Wednesday..." also "...A report by the State Emergency Management Agency on Wednesday said officials in some areas of Missouri are warning that power outages could continue for another seven to 10 days for some residents...".

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