Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

This weeks Ten on Tuesday is 10 Signs That You're Getting Older and after yesterday I can soooo relate to this one. The really sad thing about this list is that it was very easy to come up with 10!

Here's my 10 Signs That You're Getting Older:

1) Days like yesterday (you can read about it here if you haven't already) make me wonder if being 41 and having a 9 year old and contemplating the idea of adopting a younger sibling makes me wonder if I can handle it. But I know that I can.
2) I can't stand going to the mall unless it's during the week while all the kids are at school.
3) I need reading glasses.
4) When my son asks to listen to the oldies station and I realize that these were the songs that I grew up with in high school.
5) More grey hairs.
6) I'm tired and ready to go to bed by 9:00 but still don't make it until 10:00 because my son is still awake.
7) It's much harder to lose weight.
8) You hear yourself sounding like your parents and you said you would never say that when you grew up. Well guess what...you do!
9) Your child looks at you crazy when you talk about times before the DVR, 100s of channels on the TV, cassette tapes, gas prices that weren't near a $1 and so on.
10) The aches and pains in my body and the fact that it takes longer to get over being sick.

I could probably keep going on with this list but it's Ten on Tuesday not One Hundred on Tuesday. So what are yours? Would you like to participate? Head on over to here.


Teena in Toronto said...

A lot of yours are the same as mine :)

I played too :)

rachelizabeth said...

I can relate to #'s 2 and 9.

David looks at me crazy when I tell him that my family didn't even own a TV for a period of time (6 years, to be exact). He also looks at me crazy when he "discovers" a game or song that was around when I was his age.

SarahHub said...

Oh, I completely get the music thing. Last week on American Idol, they had to sing songs from the year they were born. I remember many of those songs from high school and college!

Carey said...

I totally agree with #2 and #6! I avoid the mall at all costs on the weekend, and I have asked myself recently why God gives kids more energy than adults. It really seems backwards and unfair!

CindyMae said...

Those are great and many that I totally relate to!

Faith said...

LOL...is it REALLY REALLY bad that I can check off about 8 of your 10 and I'm only 26???? Good list! And thanks for the comment on mine! =)

Sonya said...

I TOTALLY relate to #8!!!!

Shannon said...

Thanks for visiting.

Yucky topic this week, lol. (Yucky because that sounds "young".)

I love that picture in the bluebonnets in your other post. I can't wait until the wildflowers begin to bloom here in WV.

Gal Friday said...

I was nodding in agreement with all of these.
Although, I think my daughter is entertained by my stories of life pre-1995. We even have a record player and LP records which she knows how to work(kids are missing out on playing 33 1/2's at 45 speed)

Charon said...

5,6 and 8 are so true.

I'm "soon to be 32" and I can't believe how my 6 year old stays up so late.


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