Monday, April 13, 2009


Ever have one of those days where the littlest thing(s) can just ruin your day even if your day started off great? I'm in one of those days today.

I woke up around 1:15 a.m., 3:00 a.m., 4:17 a.m., 5:30 a.m., to let our Senior Citizen dog Leo outside or to direct him to his water dish. (All nights are not like this.) Andy's alarm went off around 6:30 I think and it woke me up yet again. Then after he left for work I started to drift back to sleep when I hear the cats and that wakes me back up. They just wanted some attention and loving. Okay fine. I give them attention as it seems to be calming me back down and then I realize that I'm awake.

Sam wasn't awake at this point so I decided to stay in bed and watch some morning news and then remember that I could also take this time to watch the rest of a show that I had recorded. Of course, as soon as I turned it on Sam walks in and wants to snuggle. Okay fine. Can't really resist that. Then I tell him it's time for us to get up an he gets really angry at me and everything around him. I tell him that he can go back to his room while he gets his emotions "in check". Peace in my room again.

Next the cats remind me, in that oh not so subtle way that they have, that it's time to feed them. Okay fine. Get the dogs outside and then feed the cats. Sam is now in a better mood and now wants breakfast but can't seem to make up his mind about what he wants. Meantime my stomach starts to rumble. When will I eat? Who knows! It amazed me that we were only at breakfast and not much later in the day as it seemed like it should be closer to dinner. I was already exhausted.

Since Sam had the day off from school I had looked the day before at the TV Guide to see if there were any movies on that we hadn't seen yet or just haven't seen in awhile. Yes! There were 3! Once I got dinner, no breakfast going for all of us I turned on one of those movies and then turned on my computer to check emails and a couple of sites. Found out that I had Internet service but no email service. Same provider for both so I checked into it. Called them and they said that they would get it fixed. Great!

Next up? Laundry. I started some more laundry as it seems lately it's very ongoing. I did have it to where I was just doing it once if not twice a week. (I really need to get back into doing that again.) Ended up only getting the load that was in the washer into the dryer because Sam started up with our younger dog, Max. When he does this he plays with him to where Max thinks it's okay to play rough. Max starts growling and Sam starts to get louder and then Max gets even louder and so on. Then it usually comes to a crying halt when Max bites down hard on Sam. Sam gets mad and starts to blame every one and every thing around him. I try, and I do stress the try, to calm him down and explain to him yet again that it's really him that causes all of this. Okay...take a deep breath. We're only to around 10:00 in the morning.

This is when I realize that I'm not having the best of days and that my mood isn't the greatest any more either. I looked outside and saw this:
It seemed to go with my mood quite well. There wasn't any rain in the forecast so it had to be my mood hanging over our neighborhood. Or at least at that moment in time it sure felt like it.

Time to check to see if my email is working yet. Nope. Another call into their lovely and oh so helpful call center. Yes, now I'm getting sarcastic. They said that the last person didn't get it done and that they would. Great!

By now Sam is hollering for a snack. It's then that I remembered that I had forgotten to give him his medicine. Oops. That might explain him bouncing off the walls this morning. Give him his medicine and a snack and then just sort of stand there in the kitchen wondering what I was planning on doing next. Oh yeah, let the barking dogs in because I had forgotten to feed them their breakfast. Couldn't blame them. Of course when I let them in I had forgotten that it had rained most of Saturday night into Sunday morning and they were wet and muddy. Not that my kitchen floor is currently clean but it was the fact that I had very wet muddy dogs tracking mud all over the floor. Quick! Grab a towel and get them dried and then wipe up the floor.

Let's jump ahead about an hour to lunch time. Sam asked around 11:30 or so if he could have lunch. "Sure!" I said, "What do you want?" Now if you know Sam you'll know that this can be a very loaded question. He hemmed and hawed about it for 15 minutes or so until he finally decided. Got it fixed and ready all the while realizing that I need to start loading the dishwasher because quite honestly I hadn't done much of that for the past few days. (I was a bit busy! LOL) So I unloaded what few dishes were left in the dishwasher and tried to start loading it back up. Note the "try" in the last sentence.

Nope....wait....another crisis! Sam and Max are at it again. I know I've left a few times out in here so far but this was a good one. Max this time left a mark on Sam's wrist. Sam said that it felt like his wrist was broken and that it was bleeding every where. Take a look. Nothing but a raised line on his wrist. No broken bones not even broken skin. I tell Sam again that it's because of the way that you're playing with him. I feel like I'm the one broken...a broken record that is.

What was I doing? Oh yeah...dishes. Wait! Spilled drink on aisle 9! As in my 9 year old boy!!!! Get it cleaned up. Have I had lunch yet? I really can't remember so I get a small snack.

While having my small snack I remembered that I hadn't checked the email yet. Crossing my
fingers that it's now up and running I'm met with disappointment yet again. Another phone call. All the while I'm keeping a very nice conversation going with them and I'm very happy with myself for not getting mad. They say that this time they will FOR SURE get it fixed. Great?

Back to the kitchen. No, wait, Sam's movie is over. Go to the living room and start another movie. Now, back to the kitchen. Why oh why did I let these dishes sit without at least rinsing them off? Start loading the dishwasher. Wow, I can't believe it...I'm actually getting something accomplished with out any interruptions! Wait...take that back. Sam and Max start up again. I throw the dog outside and send Sam to his room yet again. Peace in my house once more. What was I doing?

Oh no! I've got to get some ironing done for Andy so that he has something to wear for work the rest of this week. Go into my bedroom get the iron plugged in so that it can get started heating up. Sam comes into my room to apologize (yet again) for what he was doing wrong. Okay. Back to the living room with Sam and start his movie back up for him. Back to the ironing. I get one, count them, one pair of pants done before Sam is hollering for a snack and the dog is barking outside. Gee am I ever going to finish one task?

Jumping ahead just a little bit. Andy comes home and I'm in the kitchen trying to finish loading the dishwasher, Sam's watching a movie and I'm also trying to re-boot our cable (again). Sam and Max are starting up again and at this point I feel my blood starting to boil and I can't take it any more. I yell at the top of my lungs, "THAT'S ENOUGH!" Gee the house got quiet. "BOTH OF YOU" (Sam and Max) "STOP IT!" "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE!". I don't speak to them again. Just quietly go back to the dishwasher. I am going to get that thing loaded. Andy comes out of our bedroom and goes to his office. I go in there and apologize for my outburst and fill him in, briefly, on our day so far. Now you need to know that it's only mid-afternoon at this point in time. Oh yeah, the email still isn't up and running.

This time I call the tech desk. I get a great gentleman who not only helps me, fixes the problem with me still on the phone but also while I'm on the phone called the customer support team and tells them how it wasn't fixed right the first few times and that there was really no reason I had to go through what I went through. YEAH! One point for me! :)

Andy goes to lay down to take a small nap as he has more work to do that will take him out of the house until after 11:00 tonight. I pretty much threaten Sam to be quiet and tell him that daddy is going to take a nap and that I'll start his third movie for him. I sit down for a few moments and check my email, surf for just a bit on the Internet and then I finally finish the dishwasher and get it running.

It's about 3:30 now and I go and finally put my contacts in, get myself presentable to go out into public, get Sam presentable and off we go to his 4:30 Art Therapy Group session. I HAVE A WHOLE HOUR OF PEACE AND QUIET TO READ MY BOOK! This was probably the best hour all day long!

Back home after 6:15 or was it closer to 6:30? His appointments are in downtown Ft Worth and when you're trying to come home after 5:30 it's going to take a bit of time. Get dinner on the table after yet another breakdown from Sam over what's for dinner. Sam and I eat dinner and then I say, "Hey, want to go to the library?" His eyes lit up my mood immediately got better! He got the books that he wants to return and we get ready to leave. I look out my back door and this is what I see:

The sky and my mood are now back together again. We had a good time at the library and I wasn't the one to blame for when we had to leave. It was the librarian that flicked the lights on and off. I was preparing myself for "the argument" that I thought was coming but no, I was proved wrong! He got his books and headed up to the counter. He read part of one of his books to me on the way home. Once back home it was back to feeding the cats, get the dogs outside, get Sam ready for bed after some more reading and drawing time. So that was my "moody" day. I may have left out some bits and pieces here and there but I think you get the idea.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I can definitely relate to have some days like that. They are crumby. Hope you can have a better day today.

skoots1mom said...

my goodness what a busy day you had...have would be a more appropriate word because I'm sure you have this much going most days :)
thanks for coming by...
i am currently crocheting newborn hats for cancer babies...i like that I'm able to start and finish in a patience has dwindled lately, so it's nice to get something DONE!

rachelizabeth said...


Sorry your day was so crazy - I've head a few of those myself. My mood matched the sky yesterday, too.

You should have called me! We would have loved for Sam to come over and play. We weren't doing anything in the afternoon. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

CindyMae said...

Days like that are just awful! I can totally relate! I am glad that by the evening things were getting back to normal!

Kelly's Blog said...

Oh Kim I can certainly relate and I've got 3 kids. My kids seem to act up when my DH is out of town. But since my older 2 are getting older they have seemed to settle down some. It's my 9 year old Sam who is the problem from time to time. Hang in there. Hugs to you my friend!!

D... said...

{{{hugs}}} I hope the week got better! It's funny you should write about this. Tuesday, I had one of the worst days imaginable. I haven't blogged about it yet as I'm not sure how to put it into words. Thank God, everything doesn't look as bleak anymore!


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