Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Southern Living...Again

I can definitely tell I'm in the south again. It is sleeting outside now and there is more to come today so they have closed the schools early. Sam's school will close at 11:30 this morning. After living up north I know that his would have been nothing and they are probably laughing at us for closing the schools early. But, again, after living in the south before I do understand their decision. They don't have any equipment to deal with bad winter weather. Even if it is just a trace amount. Better safe than sorry I guess. In fact Andy told be over the phone that he already has ice accumulating on his car as he drives.

I guess it's time to start that fire again. Sam just loves having the fire when it is cold out and I don't blame him. Here is a picture of our fireplace just the other evening with a roaring fire.

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