Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Day 4 of the aftermath is done for those living without power in Springfield, MO, but it's far from being over. This storm started last Friday and my parents are still without power along with thousands more. Here is a quote from Govenor Matt Blunt:

"....Blunt said he asked the federal government for an expedited disaster declaration for 34 counties including Greene, Christian, St. Louis and St. Charles.
The governor said he believes Springfield is the hardest hit city in the state.
"The damage is worse here," he said...." in an article posted on the News-Leader's website.

I believe it after looking at all the photos that are posted on the site and hearing from my parents, sister and friends that live there. Schools will be out for the rest of the week, day cares are closed, and lots of businesses are closed too. This leaves a lot of people that are now without a paycheck for this week. Not that the burden was already bad enough!

Now there are people that are not dying because of the cold but now they are dying because they are just trying to stay warm. They are dying due to fumes from their generators and portable heaters. This is just so sad.

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