Sunday, January 7, 2007

Very Small Resolutions (mainly for this week)
School starts back up on Tuesday and I'm so excited! I don't think Sam is as near as excited as I am. This week I plan on taking down all the Christmas decorations and work on unpacking the rest of the house. I really need to concentrate on the Master Bedroom and Bathroom along with Sam's bedroom and bathroom. Then there is the laundry that is begging to be done. But I'll feel better if I get all the boxes of clothes put away first so I know where all the laundry needs to go. Silly I know but it will work for me.

I also need to desperately finish my nieces shawls. I only need to knit roughly 8 more inches and then I'll be able to finish it off and add the fringe to it and then pack it up and send it to them. It will be a late Christmas present but they will love them. I'll post pictures of them as soon as I get done with them.

I would also like to start cross stitching again. I really want to finish my Halloween Hat which I had started right before we found out we were moving. We moved right after Halloween so I never got to finish it. I'll post a picture of it soon.

What is it with 3A.M. and my son??? Lately he keeps waking up around 3A.M. and waking us up. It is usually for a dream he has had or for a drink. I've got to stop it from happening! I'm having trouble going back to sleep and that doesn't make for a happy mama the next day.

I received the new Herrschners catalog yesterday and I just loved the patterns on the front! Here they are: New York Sophisticate & Paris Couture There is more but it would take up too much for me to put here. hehehehehe

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