Friday, January 12, 2007

They're Done!

Shawls are Complete!
They are finally finished and will be put into the mail tomorrow!! YEAH!
This is the second shawl that I worked on. The second picture is just a shot of it up close.

This is actually the first one that I did. Again the second picture is just showing it up close.

These are the first pieces that I have knitted other than scarves. So I'm a little proud that I got them done in the first place much less that I ventured out and did them at all!

I have now started a red scarf for the Red Scarf Project. I'm just doing it in a rib stitch so it is actually going pretty fast.

Walking Update
I got my walking in this morning and I walked 2.5 miles without a problem! I'm not hurting much at all anymore!!! YEAH! I'll keep it at the 2.5 for awhile and then I'll up it again. I will probably have to ride the exercise bike or use the treadmill for the next few days as the weather may not allow me to get out.

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