Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Well I've at least taken the 'Halloween Hat' out of the scanner and have moved it and the supplies for finishing it to the couch. That's a start! :) I'll finish it tonight after dinner more than likely.

I did go walking this morning and ended up doing my 1 1/2 miles. Yeah for me! Now I can't even begin to tell you how much I hurt. Naming body parts wouldn't even cover it! So what happens next you say? Sam comes home from school today and the first words out his mouth were, "Hey Mom, can we go on a walk again today? I really want to ride my bike." I, reluctantly, said yes. But I told him that we were going to cut it way shorter than yesterday. Of course he was upset about that fact but be as it may my body could not make another long walk. We ended up doing 1/2 a mile.

After knitting on the second shawl today I think I am ready now to add the fringe! Let the trumpets sound!!! I will take a picture of them before I put them in the mail. I'll try to get Sam to pose with them on. He'll just love that! NOT!

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