Monday, January 15, 2007


Well as I start to write this to tell you that we may be out of the woods it starts again. The rain has not stopped for days, we are in several flood warnings, there are standing pools of water in every one's yards, we were completely saturated before this past rain started a couple of days ago and now the temperatures are starting to plummet.

I think that we are going to miss the worse of it. Which I am thankful for. But I'm not holding my breath. Every time we check the weather parts of it change. We are currently sitting at a temperature of 35 degrees F and a feels like of 25 degrees F. I'm used to this colder weather but since we moved south I'm more concerned about being down here with people and a place that does not know how to cope with weather like this.

I'm still planning on trying to teach Sam to knit today. We'll see how that goes. I'll post any progress here. :)

We'll start a fire soon here as it warms this house better than anything and I just love them anyway. To me there is nothing better than it being cold outside, a roaring fire and loved ones to spend the day with.


Melinda said...

Aargh. I'm so sorry about your weather. We've had a long hard winter here, too, complete with the drenching, the freezing, and the windstorm. I hope you all stay dry.

Ann said...

Amen sister, amen. The fire, the loved ones, etc . . . you can't beat it. Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog. I love yours! I need to learn how to do all the fancy stuff!


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