Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tech Week

I can't believe it's Wednesday already! This is Tech Week for the musical. We have been rehearsing every night since Sunday and will continue until the show which starts on Friday! It's a lot of fun to do not to mention it's so nice to see it all coming together! Last night's rehearsal went long and Sam and I didn't get home until 10:30! Andy couldn't make rehearsal last night due to work but he'll be there the rest of the week. Tonight is a run through of the entire musical and then Thursday night is dress rehearsal. Can't wait for opening night. Here are a few pictures of a rehearsal a few weeks back. I'll try to get some more pictures tonight and of course during the performance.
This is the very first scene where the salesmen are on the train discussing Harold Hill and how he "doesn't know the territory!"

"Marcellus" is on the left and "Harold Hill" is on the right. "Marcellus" is telling "Harold" about "Marian" during this scene.

Sam and one of his new friends waiting for one of their scenes. Okay...doesn't his friend look like a young Ron Howard???

Some of the "Pick-A-Little" ladies rehearsing a scene with Harold Hill.
Some of the "Pick-A-Little" ladies receiving some instruction from our director.

"Library" scene where they are doing "Marian The Librarian".
"Mayor" is on the left and "Harold Hill" is on the right. Rehearsing a scene together.
Here's two quick videos of the teens, Harold, Marian dancing during "Marian the Librarian". They had only rehearsed this dance for maybe an hour or so before hand.


RACH said...

Very cool....can't wait to see it! I was noticing in the second video how most of the girls have very long legs. I always wished I had long legs like that!

Steph said...

How fun!!! You're doing The Music Man? I so wish we would do something like that at Schweitzer. Hey...I'm sorry I missed you when you were here with the youth group. I've had a bit of a crazy summer and have been in and out. Thanks for checking my blog. I'm truly going to try to get better about posting. Where did you find the fun background for yours, etc.?


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