Sunday, December 31, 2006

Our Holidays so far...

As you can see from the slide show below we are now living in Louisiana and have a wonderful house to live in. We have been here for about 2 months now and so far we are really enjoying it. Sam is going to a wonderful new school, Stockwell Place Elementary.

Now an update on our holidays so far: I went home (back up to Springfield MO) over Thanksgiving. The Friday after Thanksgiving I went out with Amy (my sistger) shopping, which was a lot of fun, and ended up being gone most of the day. Sam had complained earlier that his tummy hurt but I check for a fever and there was none. My mom and dad were watching him so I knew he would be in good hands. I called while we were out shopping and he was still doing good. Then around 11:00pm Sam broke a fever of around 103. I drove back down here on Saturday with a sick kid which wasn't that much fun. Sam ended up being sick with just the fever from that Friday to the following Friday! His fever would go up (usually to 103 - 104), I'd give him meds and it would go back down. This went on over and over and over. So he missed a whole week of school.

Now fast forward to the Friday before Christmas. Sam came down with a fever after we went out for dinner and were grocery shopping. Of course it was his normal high fever of over 104 but the medicines brought it back down. Then on Saturday he started coughing and coughing. We missed all Christmas eve services because of it. In fact we spent 4 hours of Christmas eve morning/afternoon at the urgent care here for them to tell us "he's sick and has a virus". Here is a prescript for a "tussin" and alternate ibuprofen and Tylenol. We didn't get much sleep that night and Christmas morning was spent with him unwrapping his presents and resting between each one on the floor. Poor thing!

By Tuesday night he was still just awful. He could hardly breath or talk because he couldn't stop coughing! We were very worried that he wasn't getting any better. So, back to the urgent care we went. They then said that it is bacterial and put him on the wonderful z-pack antibiotic and told us to switch the Tussin that was prescribed to take Robitussin DM. He was still running a fever but at least it was finally low grade. We were hoping that we would finally get to sleep. Hahahaha! Haven't slept since that last Friday, why would we want to get sleep at this point! Now to back up just a bit. On Tuesday morning we tried to get in to see the Dr that Andy had found for us, which he had already been to, but they couldn't get Sam in until Thursday morning. Fast forward to Thursday morning...Sam was still coughing and running a fever. We knew that this had been going on for almost a week so we decided to keep the appt that we had. Went in and the ended up running blood work, chest x-rays and a nose swab. We are now back to him having a viral infection in his lungs. We have changed his meds again. Still going to finish the z-pack, changing the Robitussin DM to taking a prescription cough med and still the ibuprofen/Tylenol for the fever and aches and pains. The cough medicine contains hydrocodone in it. Which is basically a narcotic. And boy does it ever work! He slept for 12.75 hours Tuesday night! His coughing is slowing down finally.

Fast forward to today, Sunday, December 31, we are now much better now. He is fever free and just has a little bit of a cough. He has slept a lot and is now back to being his normal self. Hopefully the new year will bring us much better health.

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