Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Well maybe not so much on the happy part. Sam has been sick with a fever since Sunday night. BUMMER! But the nice part is he is just so sweet this week even with not feeling well. He did get a chance last Saturday morning to go out with daddy and purchase my Valentine's Day present! Andy told me that he knew exactly what he wanted to get me and that knew exactly where it was in the store! What? You want to know what it is?? Okay here is a picture: My son already knows me so well! Dark Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares filled with either carmel, dark chocolate or raspberry! YUM! Yes, I've already had two pieces and he has had one.

On another note...I must share with you what Sam was telling me last night as he was fighting a high fever and drifting off to sleep. He was talking about his Great Grandma up in heaven and the fact that, "she's been dead awhile now and her body is probably all dust and bones but God has her up in heaven...except that he took her hair too as nobody wants to be bald up in heaven." What children will say! I loved it.

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