Thursday, February 8, 2007

My First Hat!

For the first time today I was privileged to meet another wonderful woman that knits! We met at one of the local bookstores and had a great time. I personally can't wait for the next time that we can get together. While there I worked on my hat. This hat is the first time I have ever worked on double point needles. I didn't have a circular needle that was short enough to start this hat but I did have the dpn's here so I just started with them. Of course I didn't do a swatch like I should have to check my gauge and the hat was a bit small. When Sam came home from school he wanted to try it on. To small. He said that he wanted this hat so off it came from the needles. I have now started it again and I'm hoping I picked the correct size for his head as he was asleep when I started it again and was unable to measure his head. If it's still the wrong size I'll start over again. At least I'm getting some good practice! I also finished my square for DIY's Knit In and will be sending it off to Warm Up America. Here are pictures of the square and some of the hat in progress.

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