Thursday, March 1, 2007

Finished another scarf

I have finally finished the "Ruffled Scarf". It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I have definitely learned how to do increases in knitting as I started out with 130 stitches on my needles and ended up with over 800! This scarf is going out to someone but I'm not saying who it will be yet. Here are some pictures of it. The first one is of course the whole scarf. The next two pictures are close up shots to show the actual ruffles and then the last two I did by putting them on the scanner to try to show the stitch detail.

Yes, I am still stitching (cross stitching) but I can't show you any pictures on here as it is a model for a designer. I'll be able to post the picture of it once it is released publicly.

Well March has definitely started out like a lion! Had thunderstorms here first thing this morning along with a tornado watch. Now we are currently under a lake wind advisory. I'm hoping that March will go out like a lamb.


Criquette said...

I just found your blog (you are next after me on The Knitting Path) and had to say hey. You are a misplaced midwesterner living in La. while I am a displaced Louisianian living in Kansas LOL! I will drop by and "visit" from time to time!

Criquette said...

And I forgot to say that you have an absolutely adorable son! And I love the ruffly scarf.

LQ said...

fun scarf! you'll have to show me what the technique is!



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