Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Sam's Birthday

Sam's birthday was yesterday. We started the celebration in the morning because our schedules were pretty busy the rest of the day with him having a Tiger Cubs meeting and Andy having an appt. in the evening also. So we had a breakfast birthday party. Sam had birthday pancakes, candle and all! Opened presents, read the cards all while eating breakfast and getting ready for school.

Cupcakes were delivered at school for Sam to share with his friends/classmates.

Once home we couldn't wait to play with all the new toys. But of course we had to do our homework first which proved to be pretty hard for a boy with new toys waiting in the wings to be played with. We got through the homework and got to play with all the new toys.

In the meantime I began to cook more cupcakes to go to his Tiger Cubs meeting that evening. Sam wanted pizza for dinner so that helped me out a lot. All I had to do was pop those in the oven once the cupcakes were done. Easier clean-up!

Andy's appt. had to cancel so Andy was able to go to the Tiger Cubs meeting with us. We all had fun.

Back home after the meeting we worked on cleaning up Sam's room a bit more and rearranged a bookshelf.

I'm cleaning house today trying to get ready for his birthday party on Saturday.

Enjoy the photos below!

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