Saturday, May 12, 2007

Center Pull Ball & Other Stuff

Okay...I may be behind in learning how to do this but I finally did. Yesterday I learned how to make a center pull ball with the yarn I was going to use. It was quite easy. In fact I think I'll do it from now on because it makes the yarn so much easier to use. Here is a picture of it.

Last Tuesday before the rains came and cancelled Sam's soccer game he made a make shift fort out of an umbrella. He was so proud of it and wanted me to come and look. Of course, I had to get my camera first. Since it was getting dark he also had a flashlight with him.
Today Sam had his sixth soccer game. They won 2-1. So that makes their record 4-2. They have their make-up of their make-up game this coming Thursday but Sam won't be able to attend as he is attending his last Pack meeting with his Tiger Cubs. He's a bit disappointed but he'll live. His last soccer game will be next Saturday.

After his soccer game today we took him over to Lowe's to their children's workshop. He got to build a Herb Planter. He did really well and we already have Basil and Oregano planted in it and it's sitting in our kitchen window. He did so well that while they were waiting for the potting soil he and his best friend helped the lady that was running it build hers. And of course I took pictures.


Veronika Delvaux said...

what an amazing site. especially the music, how did you do that??

Great job!


Meari said...

How cool... A herb planter. I bet he had fun with that.


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