Friday, May 25, 2007


Update...I can't remember if I ever posted on here about this or not...but...Andy and I purchased some new bikes for ourselves. We are now able to take bike rides together with Sam pretty much every day. I feel as though I am getting a lot more out of these bike rides than I ever did with walking. But I will admit that I never would have been able to ride like I am now if I had not walked the 130+ miles previously. We are on average doing 5 miles a day on our bikes.

Today I took a bike ride with Sam before lunch. I have been trying to teach him some of the rules of the road along with some basic bike etiquette. One of them being don't cut someone off! Guess what finally happened. He cut me off. It was an accident and he felt bad when it happened. When he cut me off his back tire ran right into my front tire and down I went. I only have one small cut on my left hand and I am thankful for that. left wrist, thumb, palm all really hurt now. I'm wondering if I didn't sprain it a bit. Also my left hip, thigh and calf are going to have some nice bruises also. We'll see how I feel tomorrow morning after a nights rest on it. Don't know if it will be better or worse.

Good news is that I have already completed 80 miles on the track to doing 100 miles by July 1st! I'm really excited about this. I feel better (except for the bruising I got today) health wise than I have in a long time.

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Thanks for stopping by my Purls N Lace Blog, the Charmed Knits Pattern book is wonderful, I love it, there are so many things I want to make from it :)


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