Sunday, May 6, 2007


Here are the pictures that I took while the professional photographer was taking the pictures that I am going to purchase. I'm hoping that the ones that she took of him individually were of him smiling (with teeth showing) and not like these. If so...oh well...they still look good. I king of like the one of him leaning forward. Here are also a couple I got of the whole team. He is on a great team this year and has a wonderful coach. So far after only 4 games they are 2-2. The last two games they won with the score being 5-1 and this past Saturday 5-2. They are very proud of these last two wins mainly because they have finally started working as a team and have been listening to their coach. Sam plays goalie for the first and third quarter and then is a reliever in the second and fourth quarters. Sam has a his first ever night game this Monday and Tuesday. Then two more Saturday games after that. Then the season will be over and it will be on to baseball. Which Andy will be one of the assistant coaches along with his current soccer coach being the head coach. Sam, of course, is pretty excited about this. So in the evenings not only have we been practicing blocking the soccer balls as I kick them to him but we have also been practicing hitting the baseball. He's getting pretty darn good at that too. In fact the other evening when Andy and I were both outside with Sam and working on his hitting I took a turn at hitting and I hit a ball right back at Andy and hit him on his glasses whacking them out of alignment. Oops!

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