Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our Trip to Houston

Well I'm playing catch up tonight. Here are about half of the pictures I took while we were in Houston visiting the UTI Campus this past Monday. Sam was in heaven being able to see where daddy's students get to go to learn. It was a 4 hour trip down there and then a little bit longer for the way back because we stopped along the way for dinner.

Tuesday Sam and I went to go see Barnyard at the free movies down on the Louisiana Boardwalk. We ran into one of Sam's good friends, enjoyed the movie together and then set up a play date for later that day. We went over to their house at 2:00 and didn't return home until a little after 5:00. He had a great time playing with his friend and I had a great time talking to his friends mom which has become a pretty good friend. We also found out that they will both have the same teacher again this year.

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1 comment:

Bubba's Sis said...

Very cool! Glad you got to come to Texas! You were kinda close to me, but WAY on the other side of Houston from where I am. Glad ya'll had fun! Come back soon!


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