Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Technical Question.....

Okay everyone...I need some help.

Will a yarn with a content of 65% wool, 25% mohair and 10% synthetic fibers felt?


Cathy said...

I think it would felt just fine, but you may find the mohait makes if more fuzzy.
Is you have enough yarn, try swatching it to see what the outcome is. I've found that if a yarn has at least 60% wool content, it does felt.
Hope that helps!

Camera Obscura said...

Did you email Mel?

ericah64 said...

Yupp, unless the wool is superwash!

Diana said...

It would felt just fine but I would be worried about that much fuzz! It's fuzzy enough without adding to the cause! Maybe if you used it for a stripe it might be a good thing!


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