Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Church Picnic

This past Sunday we spent the afternoon/evening out at one of the local lakes. It was the church picnic for the Fourth of July celebration. There was food, swimming, music and a short service. We had a lot of fun and will go back out to that lake again. Here are some pictures with descriptions to show some of what we did. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Here is Sam shortly after we arrived. He couldn't stop asking when we were going to go down to the lake so that he could swim. He had never been in a lake before so this was a new experience for him.
Before going to the lake he had quite a bit of fun bouncing around in the big bouncy that the church had out there for the kids.
Now off to the lake! He found a muscle shell that he was so proud of. You can see it in his face. What a cute smile!
In the water. He told me later that it was different to swim in because he couldn't see anything. It had rained most of the day so the lake was a bit cloudy. He said that he liked swimming in a pool better. Well he'll get that opportunity soon enough!
COLD! He rinsed himself off before we headed back to the picnic.
On the way to the car I snapped another picture. You can really see how many teeth he is missing in this shot. If I remember correctly he has 3 or 4 missing teeth. All on the sides of his mouth. it was time for the silly shot.
Here is a picture of our Praise Band. I would have taken a picture of the Instrumental Ensemble but Andy and I were both playing in it and I forgot to give the camera to someone.
Here is Sam and our Associate Pastors daughter collecting shells. They had so much fun playing together while we enjoyed the sermon by her father.
As we left we saw this peacock. There is a small zoo at this lake and I hope to take Sam to it sometime soon.

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