Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Boxes, Supplies & Second Grade

You may be wondering if the box pictured above is either the last box to unpack after moving here 9 months ago or is it the first box of many that we are packing. It is the latter. Okay, let me back up a couple of months. At the end of this past June on the last day of our VBS at 7:30 in the morning we were all getting ready for the day. Sam and I were getting ready to head out to the church for VBS and Andy was getting up and ready for the day and would meet us up at church around 11:15 for the "concert" given by the VBS kids and lunch to follow. At the same time Andy got a phone call. It was from his boss stating that he had to call in to the VP and HR at 12:00. We both got a feeling of dread. When is calling your VP and HR at the same time a good thing? Long story short they eliminated 13 territories. Andy's was one of them. They offered him a couple of options. Either take a buy-out or move to another territory. Obviously we took opted for moving to another territory. We looked at the list of the territories that we open to those that were just laid-off and chose to move to Birmingham, AL. Then a week later while we were in Dallas celebrating Sam's Gotcha Day Andy gets another phone call from his boss on Sunday morning. He had a person just hand in his resignation in Dallas the night before. Andy and I of course would love to move there since we have family there. It also meant that since it wasn't on the "approved" list of places to move to he would have to follow the proper procedures to apply for changing your territory. It is now the beginning of August and as of last night we have the final word that, yes, we can move to Dallas!!!! After living here for only 9 months we are packing up and moving again. We will be looking at the Arlington area to live.

Also going on in our household is that time of year...back to school. Even though we are moving to an area that doesn't start school until the end of August we have decided to go ahead and put Sam in school here. Two reasons being a refresher for Sam and to let me pack. School started today. It's hard to believe that Sam is already in the second grade. I know that he is growing up and trying to become more mature because he didn't want me to take him to school today. I've always taken Sam to school on the first day of school. Today he wanted to ride the bus and do it all himself. So I let him. Or should I say I let myself stay at home and see him off. His teacher was kind enough to give us an abbreviated school supply list since we will only be here for a few more weeks and then have to purchase another full list of supplies.


Holly said...

Ooooh-Arlington! I grew up in DeSoto-just south of Dallas. Enjoy Six Flags, etc. Glad everything worked out for you guys.
BTW, I fixed the camera!!! So the package pics are up :~)

D... said...

Good luck on your move! That's great that it worked out for you. I'm sure it was a scary time waiting to see what would happen.

jolene108 said...

Kim, I'm so glad it is all working out for you and your family.

Your Traveling Scarf Buddy, Jolene

BTW did the PO ever return those missing scarves?

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Hi. thanks for entering my contest. I see you are a knitter too. I am just a beginner really.

Good luck with your move. That must be stressful.

Stacey said...

Yay for you! Do all the beautiful bloggers live in Texas? Most of my friends are down there, thinking I need to move, lol.

Your son is a beautiful boy, and looks about okay with going to school. How lucky are you? lol


MJ said...

Hi Kim,
You won some yarn from my blog post about my birthday. YEAH!! please email me so we can work out the details.

Stacey said...

Kim, SDC is a load of fun, no doubt. I'm sure you'll get there again very soon. xoxo


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