Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Socks And Birthday

What started out as this:
Turned into this:

Then slowly, after starting over a few times, it turned into my very first sock! Here are some pictures:

Well today is my 40th birthday. So far it has been very uneventful. Andy went to work this morning and I probably won't see him until late this evening. I took Sam to school and I don't think he even knows it's my birthday. I'll pick Sam up from school later, have dinner and then head on over to church for bell choir and choir practice. Since we just moved here no one there knows it's my birthday and I'm not really the one to announce it.

I did receive a beautiful card in the mail from my parents yesterday along with an e-card from them today. THANK YOU!!!!

I think I'll go bake myself some cookies, switch the laundry around and then watch some TV and take it somewhat easy today. Still have a lot of unpacking to do's my birthday.

UPDATE: Received a wonderful card from my in-laws today. THANK YOU!


Tabitha said...

Happy Birthday. Congratulations on the beautiful socks. I really like you color choice. And welcome to the wonderful world of sock addiction.

AlisonH said...

Oh, look at that! Cool! Happy birthday!

D... said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Great job on the scok! I'm awed by you. :)

rmj318 said...

what a wonderful way to spend your birthday......knitting! By the way, beautiful sock. Happy Birthday!

Bubba's Sis said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! I, too, love the sock! Does it have a mate?

Anonymous said...

That sock is pretty! and a very happy birthday to you! from, your FFBE Secret Pal

kat said...

You should just celebrate yourself on your birthday, especially your 40th! Great work on your first sock.

andi said...

Happy Birthday, belated. Welcome to the group 40. I turned 40 too on the 18th!! How weird is that! Congrats on your 1st sock. Looks fabulous!!

Ashabee said...

I love those socks! The color variaion is neat too.

Happy belated Birthday!


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