Saturday, October 6, 2007

Soccer, Tap, Bells, and Crafting Update

I've missed blogging but have been either busy with Sam, running errands, going to activities for myself, keeping up with the house, unpacking, or getting sick. In fact my allergies (which I still think is what is wrong with me) has stolen my voice. I can talk in a scratchy hard to understand voice and I can't sing at all.
Sam has started up soccer again. He played his second game this morning and as usual is having a lot of fun with it. His team hasn't won a game yet but I know they will soon as they are a great bunch of wonderfully talented kids.

I have started something new. I'm taking tap dancing lessons! I haven't taken tap since I was a little girl so I feel like I am a beginner. I'm having so much fun with this group of ladies. Our ages run from the 30s to 70s! We meet every Wednesday and we are all learning so much. I can't wait for the next lesson.

Since starting at our church I have not only joined our church choir I have also joined 2 handbell choirs and am also in a handbell quartet! I am quite bummed as this Sunday afternoon is auditions for the Women's Ensemble but since I have no voice I won't be able to audition. Oh well...maybe next time.

In the crafting world I have finished my first pair of socks. I haven't taken a picture of them yet but I have already worn them. They have got to be one of the most comfortable pair of socks I have ever worn. I can't wait to get going on my second pair.
I have also started on my nieces scarves for their Halloween costumes. They are Griffindor scarves and I'm about half way through on the first one. I guess you know what I'll be doing this weekend. Sitting on the couch, watching some football, knitting and trying not to use my voice so that I can get it back.

I have been lucky to find a wonderful yarn and cross stitch stores here and have already been welcomed by not only the shop owners but also those that were in there shopping.

I'm going to try to update this blog a bit more often like I used to. Just need to find my balance here. Until then...


Anonymous said...

I LOVED going to your blog and hearing "More than Enough" - it's one of my favorite songs to listen to!

I've been thinking about your Christmas Package!!!!

Your Christmas Swap Pal

Bubba's Sis said...

Sounds like you're settling right in! Yay for the tap - I tapped for years but had to quit because of my ankles. It's a lot of fun, tho!


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