Friday, December 14, 2007

What's Going On.....

Boy do I have a lot to update you all on!!!! I hope that you have a minute because this may get long.

Last Tuesday my husband checked his voice mail to hear that the guy that owns our house is having it foreclosed on. I must tell you that I was a wreck! The lady that is our agent here in TX, and manages the property, has been just wonderful with helping us. We are trying to get the bank that now owns the note on the house to give us the amount that it would take to purchase the house as we have quite a few interested parties that would purchase it and let us rent it from them. The big down side to all of this is that there is still a chance that we will have to move again. Now remember that we just moved here a few months ago! The up side to all of this is that we are currently living rent free!!! We haven't told Sam as of yet mainly because if we end up staying here then he never needs to know.

The same day my mother-in-law went into the hospital severely dehydrated. They couldn't do any tests until they hydrated her but once they did they found a blockage in her lower intestines. They did surgery and took out roughly 8 inches of her lower intestines. After surgery she went into the ICU as her heart was fluttering and they were having a hard time getting it to stabilize. She is now in a private room. She is recovering well from surgery but is still waiting for the lower half to begin functioning. Her heart is now in a good rhythm. But now she is battling fluid in lungs which has now turned into pneumonia. She is getting antibiotics, physical therapy and inhalation therapy to combat that. We haven't been able to make it up there to visit or help out but Andy's big sister did get to go down along with one of his younger sisters going up to help out.

Okay...let's move ahead to last Friday. I was frantically running around the city trying to find an all black dress as I was singing the Messiah Sunday evening and we were all wearing black attire. Finally found a dress with just a few minutes to spare before I had to head back across town to pick up Sam from school. On the way there my temperature light went on in my car. I called my husband to let him know what was going on. As I'm pulling into the school parking lot the car dies. I had two people help me push it into a parking space and Andy met me over there to put some coolant in it. He followed me home with Sam and we tried to start it again. When we did everything in the radiator poured down our driveway. Had to have the car towed the following morning and ended up spending a bit over $400 to get it fixed.

With all of that last week you can only imagine my stress level went way up and my body said that it had had enough and I started to get sick. So I just took it easy for a few days and got myself in order. Never did get sick but I can still feel the stress in all of my muscles.

I think that is me in a nutshell as of right now. Oh, yeah, I got a new computer! So I've been trying to reload everything back on to this one but it's okay because it runs so much better than my old one.

It's cold here and looks like it will stay cold for a while now. I still need to decorate my house for the holidays which I am hoping to do this weekend. As soon as I do I'll take some pictures to share with you.

We've been busy since we moved here getting involved in just about everything. I am going to get back into the groove of blogging and have missed it terribly. I do want to thank all of you that have either left comments or have emailed me asking if everything is okay because I stopped blogging. It meant a lot to me.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! You, your MIL, and your family will be in my prayers. I hope none of this interferes with you having a merry Christmas!

Your Christmas Swap Pal

kali said...

wow! not good news about the house, hope you can get things worked out with the bank so you don't have to move again.

thanks for the update on your MIL, knew from your SIL and her hubby that she was in the hospital, but not all of the details.

isn't our weather yucky? welcome to i know you have fibro, so hope you're not going into a flare, take care of yourself.

(sending an extra hug for sam)

Heather said...

Wow you've had it rough...sorry to hear about all your recent bad luck. Hope that things get better for you!! Happy Holidays.
By the way did you recieve your goodies yet?

Anonymous said...

what comes around, goes around.

Stacey said...

Oh Kim, you will be in that prayer room with me as well as wherever I am. I keep telling myself when I'm down that this is only a season, this is only a season. And it is. And so is this.

I'm very glad you're back on my radar as well, girl. And gosh no I didn't get the package and honestly didn't think much of it because you were moving. I didn't know you sent it, so you MUST think I'm an ingrate. I promise I'm not, I'm so sorry. Very. And even though apparently there's a well-done-up lady somewhere between here and there, lol, thank you sincerely. But don't resend, my goodness I wouldn't expect that. Just you thinking I'm rude makes me cringe. Ahhh!

Seems to me many of my blogfriends hale from TX--should you stay put, I certianly hope a get-together (six flagssssss) would be in order. xoxoxoxoxo


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