Thursday, April 17, 2008

Having Some Fun

Found this over at It's A Woman's World today while reading some of my favorite blogs and thought that I would share it here too. Had fun doing it. In fact I took the quiz several times and it asked different questions each time and I came up with the same answer each time. Go on over and take the quiz know you want to!

Take the Quiz


Petula Wright said...

That was fun, wasn't it?! My daugther got the same answer as I did, Will Smith, using her computer. So I was wondering if it was tracking IPs or something and knew that we were trying to trick it 'cause I took it a couple of times too!

Bubba's Sis said...

Brad's my soulmate, too.

But I think it's really Jon Bon Jovi.

D... said...

Patrick Dempsey's mine.

And Bubba's Sis is crazy. Jon Bon Jovi is all mine. ;)

rach said...

I remember seeing this a long time ago and got Brad Pitt. This time it was George Clooney. I'll take either!

crazy working mom said...

Mine was Will Smith.


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