Friday, June 6, 2008

40PC, #6

It's time for 40PC, #6. If you would like to play click on the picture above and see what it's all about! Here is this weeks picture that was taken by Pensieve herself. These are wisteria vines that were just in bloom a few weeks ago.
Twisted together but living as one,
Seems as though nothing can make them become undone.

Like friendships and family all twined together
Our lives will always touch each other.


Kathleen Marie said...

So very precious...Well done!

abowlofbeads said...

I love this poem. It makes so much sense. Lovely.

ChrisB said...

You've thought about family just like I did~ so I particularly like your words :)

Robin said...

EXCELLENT! Short, sweet, and SPOT ON! It's interesting to me many of us saw these vines in terms of relationship. You're so right...our lives DO touch others...which reminds me I need to be SO careful with my choices, ya know? They bear consequence on others.

Thanks you, Kim. Well done!


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