Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer Fun!

This summer I have a lot planned for Sam and I to do. As some of you remember I did the same thing last summer with a bunch of friends of his. This summer I'm offering the same thing. Lots of stuff to do for whomever wants to tag along. Here are some of the trips that I have planned:
Duck Creek Blackberry Farm
Cowtown Cattlepen Maze
Fort Worth Zoo
Dallas Zoo
Dinosaur Valley State Park
Reflections Alpaca Ranch
Fall Creek Farms
Cinemark Summer Movies
AMC Summer Movies (thanks to Rachel for finding this one!)
The Fort Worth Botanic Garden (thanks to Rachel for reminding me of this one too.)

I'm a big fan of Family Fun Magazine and have found a lot of activities for Sam (and friends) to do on any given day. Here are some of them:

One-Line Drawings
Baseball Wristband
Family Magnets
Turning My Fence Into A Chalkboard (hopefully)
Photo Scavenger Hunt
Mosaic Mirror
Sand Art
Shrinky Dinks
Monster Pals Pillows
ConSTRAWction Zone
Bloomin' Buttons
Foam Flyers
Shirts With Sole
Buoyant Buddies
Bubble Mania
Solar S'mores
Cardboard Boomerang

There will also be many lazy days spent doing nothing or at least swimming in our pool. Which of course our friends will enjoy too.

Another one of our summer activities is that all three of us are cast members of our church's summer production of Music Man. I can't wait! We had our first run through last night and I can already tell that it will be very enjoyable. This is a community production and last night during introductions we found out that there are roughly 7 different churches represented. How amazing!

So....what do you have planned for the summer????


Renna said...

Your little Same is very blessed to have you as his mom! My kids would have loved for me to let all the stragglers join us while staying on the go. Not that I didn't have extra kids at my house often enough. ;-)

RACH said...

We'll tag along on any of these...we should probably get our calendars out and coordinate schedules! Looking forward to it...and the pool :)!

MO Treatman Family said...

Wow, sounds like fun. We're trying to find things close to home to do that are cheap. Gas is to blame. But we do have the pool going and a trampoline. That should keep her busy. Have a great summer.

D... said...

That looks like a lot of fun times for ya'll!

We don't have any plans, except for taking it easy. I am working summer school this year so I won't be taking it *too* easy.

jenny said...

Where's your feast? I came over but I'm missing it somehow.

I just took the Girl Scout troop to Dinosaur Valley SP, and if your child is a super animal fan, you should take the time (and big bucks) to go to Fossil Rim while you're down that way. It's another day in itself. I have some pictures on the other blog about it---Project 363.

I used my Yahoo online calendar to put in all the summer $1 movies and library events so we can easily see what's up each day. I send myself reminders, even. Love it!!

I've lived up that way and have enjoyed a lot of your picks for summer!! Enjoy them!


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