Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break....So Far...

Once we got out of the DFW (forgot two things and had our low tire light come on) area last Monday our trip was quite uneventful. Sam played his game boy, took a small break to read one of his books out loud to me, and then played his game boy some more. Made it to Springfield by 2:30 in the afternoon and have a good time ever since! I've visited with some friends and have had time to work on my socks (pictures coming soon), I've read some, knitted some, and have watched Sam play. It's been fairly relaxing.

Until...Remember that the the low tire light came on? I checked my tires on the road once the light came on and all the tires had the same pressure. Of course, the tires were hot and I knew it wasn't an accurate reading but since they all were the same and none of them looked the slightest bit low I went on. On Tuesday when I was getting ready to go and visit with a friend I remembered that I needed to recheck my tires. While checking the pressures I noticed oil spots all over the back of the van and there was a foil wrapped hose hanging down underneath the front of the engine. My dad and I looked at it and we think we put it back on in the correct spot. I drove it yesterday and didn't notice a sound, smell or feeling wrong with how it drove. When I turned on the A/C I noticed that it wasn't blowing cold air at all. So just to be sure my van is now at the mechanics this morning getting checked out. I DON'T NEED THIS NOW! I didn't sleep that well last night at all due to my worrying. I'm now sitting around waiting for them to call me. I don't wait well on the inside. On the outside I'm nice and calm.

Tonight I have dinner with the in-laws and we're looking forward to our visit with them. Tomorrow it's the zoo and then my niece's choir performance. Friday we'll head go to Silver Dollar City for the day and we'll travel back home on Saturday. Don't know yet when we'll leave but I know that we won't be in a hurry.

On a completely different subject...I just found out that Write From Karen has posted the dates and theme to her next photo contest. Guess what I'm going to be taking pictures of the rest of this week and till April guessed it...entries for her photo contest. As some of you may or may not remember I won her contest last July. Since I hadn't blogged much since then I didn't get a chance to enter her past contests. So I'm back and ready!


CindyMae said...

It sounds like you are having a good time! I do hope that everything works out with your vehicle!! And no air conditioning . . . is bad! Trust me, I live in West Texas and have not had air conditioning for the last couple years! So, I do hope it works out for you!

rachelizabeth said...

Hope the van gets fixed and gets you home safely!

Get ready for some phot contest competition! I am SO in this time! :)

D... said...

Sounds like a fun Spring Break! I, too, hope the van gets ya'll safely home!

SASSY MOM said...

Be safe. Hope everything works out fine.


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