Thursday, April 30, 2009

Booking Through Thursday - Worse?

Here is this weeks question from Booking Through Thursday:

Which is worse?

Finding a book you love and then hating everything else you try by that author, or
Reading a completely disappointing book by an author that you love?

Personally I think that both scenarios are equally disappointing. I have been through both but believe it or not will continue to read those authors books.

For having a book that is completely disappointing by an author that I love I usually find that just because there is one disappointing book by that author that they are not all like that. There is always bound to be a bad apple in the bunch. Not always but sometimes.

As for finding the one book that I love but hating everything else by a particular author...I just count myself lucky that I found one that I loved and hope that one day I'll find another one by them.

Not to mention that just because I don't like that particular book/author doesn't mean some one else won't find it great. It's all objective.

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