Saturday, May 30, 2009

PhotoHunt - Books

This weeks theme over at PhotoHunt was Books. I didn't take any new pictures this week because, honestly, I forgot. So into my my photo archives I go. If you'd like to see more "book" pictures just click the icon above.

Sam at the library reading books. It's hard to get him out of there some days. The next picture of the books are books from my grandfather. They are very special to our family.
Sam a few years back when he got his reading glasses.


jenny said...

I have some photos of my kids in our local library, too. I couldn't find them when I needed them, though. But my photo shows some of our library books at home on the deck.

have a nice week!

srp said...

I went to the library and clandestinely took pictures of the books on the shelves... discovering that the metal bookends in the local central library are all a bright purple color... But then I decided to go for different kinds of books....
Mine is up here.

Claudia said...

As a retired teacher, I love to see kids and books!


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