Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring Reading Thing 2009 Update

The Spring Reading Thing 2009 has been going on for almost 2 months now. I didn't start right when they started which was March 20th but instead started on April 2nd. Or at least that is when I made my list of books that I would like to read. That list has changed since I started though. Here is the list that I started with:

1. Shadow Dance by Julie Garwood
2. Inkheart by Cornelia Funke
3. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
4. Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
5. The Art of Prayer by Timothy Jones - re-reading this one for our Sunday School class
6. Summerland by Michal Chabon
7. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
8. Eldest by Christopher Paolini - currently reading

I have finished reading #7 & #8! Woo Hoo! I'm almost finished reading #5 too.

Here is what my list now looks like:

1. Eldest by Christopher Paolini - DONE
2. Twlight by Stephenie Meyer - DONE
3. The Art of Prayer by Timothy Jones - Almost Finished
4. New Moon by Stephenie Meyer - Will be finished by this weekend
5. Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
6. Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

I know that I'll get all of these read by the end of the challenge which is June 20th. I'll add to my list from there. Having a life where we are all going so many different ways at the same time makes for not much reading time. I still want to finish my original list as well but I just don't see myself getting it done before June 20th. Now with summer break right around the corner I might be able to get more reading done.


CrAzY Working Mom said...

So, what do you think of the Twilight Series so far?! I LOVED it.

Kim said...

I ♥ this series! I can't seem to put them down. But being busy makes it hard for me to get to them. I'll finish the second one in probably 2 more days.

D... said...

Yeah, my reading has really suffered this spring. I can't wait for summer when I can relax and read. My list is way too long.

I'm glad you ♥ the Twilight series. My daughter & I do, too. :)


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