Saturday, July 18, 2009

Knitting in July

I'm having my own little Christmas in July down here in TX. I've started working on Christmas presents. Last year it was my plan to start early but I never got around to doing so. So this time I'm actually doing it. In fact I'm even finishing up some projects that were nearly finished last year. What jumped started me this year you ask? I'm teaching some knitting classes at the local Activities Center this summer and since I'm the teacher I picked out projects that would I would not only be able to teach but that when I was finished with mine it would end up being a Christmas present. See...I actually thought ahead! Here are some of the finished projects so far:


Petula said...

Wow, you knit socks?! Looks like it came straight from the store. Love the hat... you're good! :)

kim said...

Oh my goodness. I just took up knitting recently and I love it. I don't have time in July cause I have so much to do with the yard, but I'm looking forward to picking up those needles again come Sept.

Gracie said...

You're a knitting teacher? Excellent. I do love knitting socks, too. They're portable, quick gratification, and the yarn purchased for them doesn't count as stash.

D... said...

You do stunning work. Bubba's Sis & I learned how to knit this weekend. We just know the basic garner (?) stitch but we are pleased with ourselves. We rock at knitting bookmarks! :D


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