Friday, September 11, 2009

Catching Up

I can't even begin to tell you how many posts to my blog that I have written in my head while I've been out and about this week only to get home, sit down and completely forget what I was going to write about. And it's happened yet again today. Every thing has started back up in these past few weeks. Sam has started flag football, choir and handbell rehearsals have resumed, my tap dance classes started this week, PTA board meetings and just getting all of the money going with that (I'm the PTA Treasure in case you didn't know) and everything else that goes along with school starting again. I've been a busy beaver lately!

I do remember that I was going to let you all know that we have finally gotten a new vehicle! It's another van and oddly enough it's almost the exact same color as the one that was wrecked. My shoulder is doing better. I went 2 weeks with my arm in a sling and I'm doing 2 weeks worth of physical therapy. I'm on my second week now. I still can't pick up heavy objects, do anything with my arm that has resistance (like putting on a seat buckle) or just do too much in a single day without it starting to really hurt. I know that even after I finish my PT I won't be back to "normal" but it will be a start. We are all still dealing with emotional issues from the wreck too. Andy had an instance last night coming home in the rain from visiting with a prospective student that had him driving exactly where our accident occurred. He told me that he was very aware of everything and everyone around him at that time. I know that I'm still a very nervous passenger and that when I'm behind the wheel my eyes are watching everyone! Not that we don't normally but it's been completely heightened now. Sam is getting better at being a passenger but he still talks about the wreck a lot. Which is good. We told him just the other day that it's okay to talk about it. We'd be worried if he wasn't.

Sam's first Flag Football game is this Saturday (tomorrow) but with the rain that we have had yesterday, today and there is rain in the forecast for tomorrow I don't know if they will play or not. I went ahead and warned him this morning about it and he was upset about that it might be cancelled. I'd rather tell him now then once it happens though. I have to say that I see quite a bit of potential in him as a football player after watching him at practice this week. He's fast, tall and can catch and throw the ball pretty well! Not to mention that he's REALLY LIKING IT which I'm happy for as it's probably my favorite sport. If we do have the game tomorrow I'll be sure to take my camera with me and I'll post pictures here for sure.

Sam has started back up with Cub Scouts these past few weeks too. He's now a Webelos I. He'll go through two years of being a Webelos so next year he'll be a Webelos II. It's also the beginning of "that time of year". POPCORN SALES! This year he has given himself a hefty goal...$2000! He really wants the college scholarship that the Boy Scouts offer for selling that much popcorn. He sold just over $600 last year and he and I had a late start in selling (I plain ole forgot to get him started)! Not to mention that we're not the parents to take the forms into work to sell for him. I don't work and Andy doesn't have an office to go into to help him out. So it's Sam and I taking the forms and going door to door and asking EVERY SINGLE PERSON WE KNOW. This year they have told us that they have added online ordering. I'll know a bit more about it in the coming weeks when we get all of the selling forms and have our information meeting about selling. Sam has already been selling the popcorn every weekend at their Show-N-Sells here at neighborhood businesses. It's good experience for them and they all have been doing a great job! I forgot to bring my camera to the first Show-N-Sell but I remembered for the second and third one. Here a few photos from those. The first two photos are from last Saturday (and yes, I forgot his neckerchief for his uniform). We were at Discount Tire, had no shade at all, it was in the mid to upper 90s and we were out there for 4 hours! The rest of the photos were taken on Monday and we were at Kroger. We were in the shade most of the 4 hours there but it was still in the mid to upper 90s without much of a breeze. So needless to say that those 8 hours were pretty miserable for our boys but they had fun, sold some popcorn and got plenty of donations.


...just-rambling... said...

I don't know how many times I have thoughts of a good blog post going through my head, and by the time I get on the computer, check e-mails and check facebook, the thoughts are all garbled. I was going to post a 9/11 tribute today, but I've been to overwhelmed worrying about my father-in-law to write in quantity or of any quality.

Aisling said...

Aww I saw the cubscouts on Monday at Kroger. Too bad I didn't realize it was an opportunity to meet a fellow raveler

rachelizabeth said...

I've had blog posts half formed in my head all week. One of these days, I'll sit down and write.

So glad you were able to get a new vehicle! I'm still praying for healing for you shoulder. It sounds like it's taking its time...don't do too much! I know you'll probably ignore that last statement, but I did my part by reminding you to NOT DO TOO MUCH! There. I won't nag you any more. :)I promise. :)

I am so glad Sam is enjoying football. It sounds like a great thing for him to be involved in.

And wow, what a goal for the popcorn sales! Good luck to him (and you)in trying to reach it. I would love for you to come back here and post that he made the goal.


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