Monday, January 4, 2010

Manic Mondays

Today was back to school for Sam. He really didn't want to go back but he went anyway grumbling under his breath all the way. I tried myself to get back into my own routine but I decided that I needed another day to get better. I have coughed some today but by far this is the day that I have coughed the least. I think I may finally be getting better! It will be nice as this has lasted a week.

I had several things that I was going to blog about today but all of them escaped my mind once I sat down here to write about them so I went over to Community of Moms and looked at the Blog Dare posts and found some ideas to spark my brain.

Manic Mondays: Tell us what just drives you crazy about parenthood... what didn't you expect?

What I didn't expect with Sam was for him to be such a picky eater. Even when he is off of his meds (ADHD) he's still very picky. Hubby and I both LOVE foods and really like to try new things (within reason) and Sam used to be the same. Not anymore. ARGH! So trying to plan meals, purchase food and preparing them with hopes that he will at least try it sometimes feel as though I have done it all for nothing. I'm hoping that this will just be a phase. He's still a healthy boy and is still growing like a weed and I'm thankful for that. But it still drives me CRAZY!


Kelly's Blog said...

What I didn't expect from parenting was 2 things: 1) that they still need you even though they tell you they don't. and 2) I have 1 picky eater as well, but at least she is willing to try new foods. At least Sam is still growing and that is what matters, he'll eat different foods in time. Give it time Kim.


Crazy Working Mom said...

The thing about kids is that they change daily on what they like and don't like. *LOL* Just 'cause they ate it today don't mean they will next week...or at least that's what I've found. It can be maddening to say the least.


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