Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Most Comforting Thing I Know

In our Sunday School class at church I am leading our current study. We are going through the book, Is There Life After Stress, by James W. Moore. Today's chapter was Stress and Emotional Pain. I would like to share with you the last page of this chapter.

"One of the warm memories of my childhood was something that happened to me when I was five hears old. I had spent the day with my grandmother, who lived nearby, and toward evening, a fierce storm hit.

"Oh, Jim," my grandmother said, "how in the world are we going to get you home in this weather?" And the answer came moments later, as my dad walked in the front door. He had come to get me.

The storm showed no sign of letting up ~ the wind was blowing, rain was pelting down, lightning was flashing, thunder was rumbling behind the clouds. It was a dark and scary night. Our house wasn't far away,but the storm was nasty and getting worse.

My dad had on a big blue all-weather coat, and as we prepared to leave, he said, "Son, come under here." He covered me with his coat, and out into the storm we went.
Even thought it was raining hard, the wind was howling and I couldn't see a thing under that coat, I was not at all afraid. Why? Because I knew my father could see where we were going, so I just held on tightly and trusted him. And soon the coat opened and we were home.

Death is like that, I think. And the grief experience is like that too. God covers us with protective love; God holds our hand and guides us through the storm. Sometimes there is no way around it, and we have to walk through the pain of disappointment. Sometimes we have to walk through the pain of rejection. And sometimes we have to walk through the pain of sorrow. But the good news is that we never walk alone!"


Shari said...

I might have to check this book out. stress in my life??? Just thinking that the triplets daddy deploys this week..stress.

rachelizabeth said...

"God covers us with protective love; God holds our hand and guides us through the storm."

That's exactly what my family experienced when my dad passed away. Every thing that occured the day it happened through the weeks/months afterward, we could see God with us, guiding us and those around us.

We truly never are alone - and that, like your post's title, is the most comforting thing I know!


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