Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pinewood Derby 2010 Results

We can hardly believe it! Sam is still asking if last night really happened. But before I tell you the outcome of last night let me give you a little history. The past 2 years that Sam has participated in the Pinewood Derby he has come in 1st place within his rank but never placed in the Grand Finals. This year while he was coming up with the design for his car I asked him how he wanted to paint it. He said that he wanted to paint it with Wendy's ribbon. Wendy is a friend of the family that is going through cancer right now. Sam knows about this and we have been very open about it with him as he knows her too along with the rest of the family. Sam got to know her daughter (who babysits and house sits for us) and I want him to know what's going on. So I told him that the color of her ribbon is blue. He also said that he wanted to write down the side of the car "We ♥ Wendy". You can only imagine how big my heart grew at hearing about what he wanted to do. So away we went working on the car. He had a feeling yesterday that he might win big and I had to remind him that there was a very big chance that he wouldn't. Just because he had one the past two years didn't mean that he would win again this year.

Well he proved us all wrong! He came in 2nd in his rank and then in the Grand Finals he came in 2nd! We are just all so proud of him! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. You can see it on his face just how happy he is. Believe me...that smile is still there. We will be going to visit Wendy this week so that she can see the car and trophies.

Sam before the races began. Already has a smile on his face.

Eye on the prize!

On your marks, get set, RACE!

Sam's car is in the lead!

Sam checking the results.

Sam with his first trophy...for his rank.

Now with both trophies!

See what I mean about the smile from ear to ear!

The car and trophies!


Kelly's Blog said...

YEAH SAM!!!!! Great job!! I hope you guys had a GREAT time.

Busymom3 said...

Congratulations SAM !! You did an amazing job on the car you should be so proud of yourself. And good job mom for raising such a sweet and caring boy!

Concord Carpenter said...

congrats. What an awesome time and smile!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Congrats, Sam! We're all so proud of you. WTG. :) Lovin' that smile.


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