Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Happiness Project - Week 1

I have found this wonderful new blog...Leigh vs Laundry and you've got to go check her out.  Go on...I'll wait for you but don't forget to come back.  Okay isn't she great?  If you truly went over there (like I know you all did) you saw that she has started The Happiness Project.  I'm going to jump in on this one.  You know me and taking pictures!  Not to mention sharing what makes you happy through pictures...that's a great twosome.


If you would like to join in the fun, and I know that Leigh would just love it if you did, just click on the button above.  Now for my first entry.  The first thing that I think of that makes me wildly happy is my son.  As you saw yesterday, he has a birthday on Saturday and he's turning 10.  YIKES!  The moments are fleeting where he'll actually hold my hand in public.  This evening was one of those wonderful moments.  We were shopping at Wal-Mart and he held my hand through most of the shopping trip!  Granted we weren't there that long but I'll take every single minute I can get nowadays. Since I seem to be going down memory lane in my head this week as if I'm going through denial that Sam's turning 10 I thought that I would share with you a picture that still just makes my heart pitter-patter every time I see it.  This was taken by Andy when we first met Sam when he was just 3 months old.  The photo is old and scratched up and was taken with a film camera as digital cameras just weren't that popular or affordable...or were they even around?  But you know what?  This photo still makes me very happy no matter the condition of it.  Because meeting your child for the very first time has got to be one of the happiest memories a mother can have.


w said...

love it. the whole feel of the picture is great.

happy 10th birthday to your son!

Angie said...

Oh Kim! This picture is BEAUTIFUL! He is so precious - and still is! You are so right..the moments are fleeting! Ellie (my youngest) turns 10 this July. I'm already having a hard time with this...it never seemed SO bad when the others turned 10, but having my baby turn 10 is a whole different story! I hope you have this pic framed somewhere special!

Manders said...

SOOOO sweet. I love it. I love looking at pictures of me holding my babies in the hospital or when they first came home. They grow up so fast. Thank-you for sharing this special moment.

Joy said...

I love the way this photo was shot, sort of looking over your shoulder on an angle. Beautiful.

leigh said...

What a beautiful photo! It totally captures those sweet little moments.

Thanks for joining in the Happiness Project. Hopefully, it will blossom into a regular Tuesday round up!

MomOf4 said...

Beautiful picture!

Stefany said...

That photo brought tears to my eyes... so beautiful.

Thanks for linking up on Saturday. This seems like a great project!


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