Saturday, April 10, 2010

Unconscious Mutterings

It's time to get that brain of yours working! Every Sunday over at Unconscious Mutterings she puts up a list of words and you respond with your first thought. It's amazing how different and how alike our responses can be. Here's mine:
  1. Habit :: 21 days to make a _______
  2. Relaunch :: Try again
  3. Mondays :: and rainy days
  4. Bootstrap :: Pulling them up
  5. Funk :: In a _____
  6. Appreciate :: Me
  7. Yay! :: Woo Hoo!
  8. Life :: is good!
  9. Sheets :: Bed
  10. Date night :: Need one!


Just Me said...

Oh that is fun!!! New follower! =)

Clueless_Mama said...

That was fun, I agree. I also agree with the Date Night comment. LOL

rachelizabeth said...

I need a date night, too! Actually, I need a date weekend. =)

Debrah said...

Thanks for the follow! I just returned it. I am excited to look around more! I love the design of your blog!


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