Saturday, May 15, 2010

PhotoHunter - Half

First off...don't know what was up this week with Blogger and my blog but for some reason it took until today to get my posts from Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to show up.

Now on to PhotoHunt!  This week's theme is:  Half.  Okay...what can I do with that?  I have looked and looked and looked through my photo archives and only came up with one picture.  It's not even a good one at that.  But it is half.  Awhile back Sam was looking at the moon through the telescope.  It was half of a moon and he wanted to know if I could take a picture of it through the telescope.  We found out that I don't really have the right equipment for that but this is what we ended up with.  Here is the moon through the telescope.



Shell said...

That is really cool!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous shot even if it wasn't the right equipment!!

Little Mochi said...

Awesome photo!

Gorgeous Nelly said...

Really awesome view.

Happy Weekend. My half entry is posted.


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alicia said...

My theory is... it's going to crash. But nothing confirmed.


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