Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday 13 ~ Summer

Joining in with Thursday 13 this week.  This time I thought I would list 13 things I would like to do or will do this summer.

  1. Go to Hawaiian Falls and enjoy the sun and water.  Yes, I'll wear protection.  Always do.
  2. Read!  I would like to read a ton of books this summer!
  3. Take care of our flower garden up front.  I can't wait until they all start blooming!
  4. Take care of our veggie garden.  Well it's not quite a garden as it's a container garden.  
  5. REST!
  6. I'm in the chorus of "My Fair Lady" so that will be taking up some time this summer...and it is always a lot of fun to do!
  7. Spending time with the family doing day trips.  We always have so much fun doing these.
  8. Go to the library weekly.
  9. Organize the garage further.
  10. Go to some more baseball games.
  11. Go to the zoo.
  12. Knit.
  13. Craft in general!
Share with me what  you're going to do or would like to do this summer!


rachelizabeth said...

We're making summer plans, too!

A few of them are:
*swimming: the pool at least three times a week, my aunt's house once a week (she has a pool), Alex is taking lessons.
*gardening: starting up a veggie garden (you inspired me!), keeping up with yard maintenance (which we haven't been that good about)
*go to the zoo
*go to NASA
*go to baseball games
*practice baseball skills
*teaching the boys some cooking skills
*movie night twice a month
*hopefully hosting you & family for a few days??

It's ambitious, but the plan is to be so busy that the boys don't have time to veg in front of the tv all day long. =)

CountryDew said...

Good list for summer! Enjoy the reading.


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