Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Smooooth Ride!

Chevy Mom's Time Out Mission #1 ~ Grocery Shopping

You read earlier in a previous post that I got my Chevy Malibu to test drive for the next few weeks.  Our first mission is to take the car grocery shopping.  Now this is not a task that I really enjoy doing but I have to say that the Chevy Malibu made it a much better task.  I say task because sometimes it is a task to go grocery shopping for a family of three.  Some people think it would be easy to do since we are not a big family.  But it's not when my husband is diabetic, my husband and I are trying to lose weight and be healthier and my son Sam doesn't eat much at all due to his meds for ADHD (they have appetite suppressants in them) and he's a picky eater so I try to get any calorie down him that I can.

So you may be asking how driving the Chevy Malibu makes this task better.
  1. First and foremost this car has a remote start.  It's hot here in TX and the day I went it was already in the 100s and usually that makes me want to put of grocery shopping even more.  But I could start the car before I ever walked out of my house and it was nice and cool when I got in it.    When I was done shopping I started the car on my way back out to the car.  Once I got all of the groceries into the car it was nice and cool!  One can get used to this.  
  2. XM Radio let's me listen to ANY type of music that I care to listen to and it was nice to listen to more music than commercials!
  3. The trunk is VERY roomy!  But this time around I didn't use the trunk to it's full potential.  Why? Watch the video to find out.

Don't forget to head to your local Chevy dealer here in North Texas and test drive a Chevy Malibu and you will receive a certificate for an hour long massage from Massage Envy!  You can check it out here:


Angie said...

I love your videos about the car! Do you create them yourself with the scrabble board? I'm so glad you are getting this opportunity - they should reward you with the car at the end of the month! :-)

Kim said...

Angie...Yes, I do create the videos all by myself. I'm learning more and more about doing so and I'm even using my husband mac and iMovie to create them. I'll have another one up in a few days. :)


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