Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm H-O-T HOT!

Baby It's Cold Hot Outside!  I'm not kidding!  It's very hot here.  We're on day 7 of 100 degree plus weather and it looks like it will go on for possibly another 9-10 days!  There really isn't much you can do to cool off when it's this hot.  We run our fans as we keep our AC turned up so it doesn't run all day long.  Some of our friends pay anywhere from $400 to $650 a month (you got that I just said per month right?) for their electric bill.  Our highest so far is $204!  Electricity is very expensive in TX.  You know it's been hot long enough when we walked outside today and realized that it didn't feel that hot...nope...we're just getting used to it.  What's really scary is right now we're watching the TX Rangers vs the Oakland A's and it's 64 degrees out there!  The umps are all bundled up and even wearing gloves!  Oh I only wish!  I really do love summer.  While you're here please vote for me in a photo contest I've entered: Enjoying the Pool

The other evening we had had enough of the hot weather.  Check out what we did!'ll need to have your speakers on for this one.

Cooling Off from Kim Morrow on Vimeo.


Debbie's L'Bri said...

I'm guessing it was about 10 years ago... My older kids were still in4-H and we had a year were it was 90 to 100 for 30 days straight. Animals were dying and kids were passing out at the fair. Some judging s were canceled. I think it was Friday night at the fair my husband took the 4 older kids to the tractor pull. About 9:30 at night the temp went down to 80 degrees and everyone came home freezing. It makes a difference what you are use too. We then understood why the people in the south and the west coast get cold when it gets to 65 degrees.

Paula said...

I know how you feel. I live in Arkansas and it got up to 106 degrees 2 days ago. I was so happy yesterday because it rained! I'm visiting from Following Friday. I signed up to be a new follower.


Anonymous said...

Hi I looked over your blog and entered your giveaway. I am your newest GFC follower. I would love it if you would also follow my blog!


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