Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fall Into Reading 2010

It's almost that time again! Now I need to get a list of book together that I would like to read during the Fall Into Reading time span. It will take place between September 22nd through December 20th. If you'd like to participate you can learn all about it by clicking on the button above. It's always so much fun and she usually has giveaways during this time.

I'm thinking of having Sam participate in this challenge. I'd like to see him read at least a few books during this time but I'm not going to make it a requirement. He hasn't read "for fun" in awhile and I need to change that. I know that seeing us read will be good for him so maybe I need to set scheduled reading times again. It will be great for us all.

I'd love to hear if you're going to participate or if you're going to have your family participate as well. Heck...get your kids classmates to sign up too! I don't think you need a blog to do this either. I'm telling you...you need to head on over to check it all out. It's a lot of fun.

Now a couple of questions for you. What are your favorite books? What books would you recommend that I read? I'd love to know.


Manders said...

I have read a few good books recently, so I will mention those to you. First is "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton. So good. Historical and kind of a mystery. A good read.

The other book is "The Princess Bride" the 50th Anniversary Abridged version. So funny. Worth a read even if you have seen the movie hundreds of times!! (Like me)

rachelizabeth said...

My new fave series is the Books of Bayern by Shannon Hale. I've read the first two, The Goose Girl and Enna Burning, and they are fabulous. Hale also wrote Princess Academy, which is excellent. They are in the juvenile/teen fiction section.

Maybe I should participate in the challenge - I have a stack of books that I need to read!


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