Tuesday, December 14, 2010

100 Joys

Okay...it's been a week and I've found many joys in this season since I've started looking.  Sad thing is when I sit down to write this post I'm afraid that I've forgotten some of them.  So I think I'll do this update more than just weekly so that I can remember all of these joys.  Now on to the few that I have for you today.

#4 This past Friday morning we took Sam to see the trains at Northpark Mall and had a great time!  I had Andy snap a shot of the two of us as we were leaving (which of course Sam wanted nothing to do with) but we got a really good picture!

#5 Is a joy of a memory.  Once Christmas when we were living in Nashville I made some ornaments with Andy to give away as gifts.  We had some left and I have them displayed in a wire basket and when I put them out each Christmas I remember how much fun we had together making them.

#6 Is our snowmen (there are two of them) card holder.  I love getting (and giving) Christmas cards so when I go to hang them I get to think of all of my friends and family.

#7 Is ornaments on our Christmas tree.  It's not a themed tree but a tree of ornaments that were given to us by our parents and friends since we were very young to now.  Sam also has a lot of ornaments as he gets one, if not more, every year.  Here is just one of those ornaments.

What are the joys that you have of this season?  Share with us!


rachelizabeth said...

Ooh! I LOVE the trains at Northpark Mall!

My joys for today? Gluten free cake mix. Miguel's smile as he digs into the cupcake. Answered prayers. My mom's arrival. The comment you left on my blog yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I think reminders of joy is a good idea no matter the time of year.
Happy Holidays!


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