Sunday, January 2, 2011

100 Joys #54 through #58

I'm finally past the half way point!  I have almost all 100 of my joys ready to go but I don't want to put that many into one post.  So you'll just have to come along with me on this ride for awhile longer. 

We got home from spending a great week with our families up in Missouri and that is where most of the second half of these joys come from.  Since we got back today I haven't had much time to go through all of my photos and to be honest....I'm dog tired.  In fact our dog Max is currently snoring on the couch.  Sounds kind of nice if you ask me.  So here are a handful of joys...more to come.

#54....eating some not so good for you but really good Mexican food while dining out with the family is great fun!

#55...Sam and one of his cousins enjoying that Mexican really was good!

#56...after our meal my Mom took Sam, my nieces and myself to the zoo.  Who knew it would be 64 degrees outside a few days after Christmas.  We took advantage of it and enjoyed a nice day outside and to our joy...the zoo hardly had anyone there!

#57...seeing an all white peacock!  I could not get a picture of the peacock by itself and this picture (out of the handful that I took of this bird) came out amazing.  I love how the flamingo's neck and head are down and the peacock head is showing where the flamingo's should be.  Along with the beautiful white feathers displayed all around them.  I have never seen a white one before and I think we all enjoyed watching him show off for us.

#58...a lonely forgotten Christmas star trapped amongst the branches.   It was the only Christmas decoration still around at the zoo.  I wonder how long it will stay there before someone notices it.  I enjoyed it though.  The star stayed around long after the first Christmas!  So why not this one?

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