Sunday, January 16, 2011

100 Joys....Almost Done...Joys #80-#89

I find myself here again at the end of the week beginning of a new week and I realized that I haven't posted much on my blog this past week.  I am still very determined to share with you the last of my 100 joys.  I do hope that you all are still enjoying going through this journey with me.

#80 is a picture of my dad and niece.  We were on the train at Silver Dollar City and they were singing along with some Christmas carols.  It was very dark so when the flash went off it really wiped all color from the picture but I love it all the same.  Singing Christmas carols are so much fun and I love to not only listen to them every year but to sing them as well.

#81...Here are the three cousins again doing something they really didn't want to do.  Pose for another picture as gingerbread boys and girls.  We loved having them doing it no matter what they thought.  It was fun....for us adults at least.

#82 is my dear hubby and one of my nieces riding a roller coaster in the dark.  They both had so much fun that they did it again. The arrow points out where they are.  I love that they could share those moments together.

#83...beautifully decorated trees always bring a big smile to my face.  How can one not be joyful when seeing them?

#84...forgot to share the hippo picture from the zoo with you.  He had gotten back into his pool and was wanting to play with the white barrel that you see there.  Poor guy couldn't reach it but we sure did have fun watching him trying to get it.

#85...This is one of my favorite pictures that I got of the three of them.  Seeing them all so happy makes me very happy.

#86...Sam opening a present (a monster truck which he LOVES!) from his Grandma and Grandpa.  I am just kicking myself that I didn't get a picture of all three of them together.  I thought I had but once we got home and I started going through my pictures I couldn't find a single one of them together.  Next time we're together I will get one. Mom, Sam and I all got to go visit with my Uncle Wayne.  I love Sam's love for his relatives.  I also love seeing him talk to them and actually be engaged in what they are saying. 

#88...its not the greatest picture but it's the only one I have of the three of us visiting with my Uncle Wayne and Aunt Judy so I will cherish it forever.

#89...we ALL LOVED watching the Rose Bowl this year because TCU was playing in it.  AND.....THEY WON! 

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